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> Part 2, Chapter VII - A Hangover Sent Direct From Mother Nature
post Mar 8 2013, 12:17 AM
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Checkpoint 1
We find a changed Max phoning the remaining Branco brothers. They thought Max was dead but he explains the situation. Marcelo blames Max for Rodrigo's death but Max defends himself and says he's going to get Fabiana back from a place called Nova Esperanca. Victor gives his blessings. Max, already in Nova Esperanca, starts walking through the poor favelas searching for any signs of the kidnappers or the girl. He meets a kid who guides him around some alleys. You're put in control at the top some stairs.

Checkpoint 2
Walk down and follow the kid. We come to a street party complete with dancers and a DJ. Max gets pushed out at gunpoint by a couple thugs. They take him to a secluded spot and rob him before knocking him down and pushing him over a wall into a trashed area. Max says he's lucky to be alive at all.

Checkpoint 3
Start walking towards the back and to the right where there are stairs. Keep going up stair sets until Max finds a few people sitting around. He tries to ask for a phone unsuccessfully.

Checkpoint 4
Keep walking towards a bar in the distance. Be sure to check out the open window of the green building on the left for a familiar face from the nightclub. Keep walking through the pathways and into the bar.

Checkpoint 5
Max finds a phone but his lack of linguistics prevents him from getting anywhere. He meets an unknown younger man who knows Max and buys him a drink. They sit back watching the strippers and the man introduces himself as Wilson Da Silva. It's worth noting that he was arriving at the Branco office just before the gang members took over (the secretary tells Rodrigo he arrived) and was also seen in Chapter I. He compliments Max's bodyguard skills (Max is not happy with that) and makes sure Max knows he was set up.

Da Silva spreads out some pictures and other papers out on the table. He fills Max in on various people. He's most interested in Neves and Milo Rego (scarred face) who work for the Cracha Preto vigilante group. Da Silva also states that they are popular with right-wing politicians like Victor Branco - who had some villages cleared for Rodrigo to develop a few years ago. Max thinks he may have seen Neves at the stadium which Da Silva says he wanted to investigate but was forced to blame street kids (Da Silva later says he's a cop). Da Silva knows Victor and the UFE (police force) are involved somehow. He gives Max a gun and tells him Fabiana is "up the hill". Da Silva can't go after her because he'd be killed within minutes. He wishes Max luck and leaves.

Max is unsure if he should believe anything that was just told to him. Some locals enter the bar and immediately go over to Max. After a tense exchange the leader pulls his gun. Max enters Bullet Time so it's up to you to kill the guys in front of you.

Checkpoint 6
A few more enemies will be around the dance floor and towards the left. Kill them all and head behind the bar next to the stage to find a pain killer on a table and then another in the small back room on the shelf. Back on your seat next to the stage is a Serrano picture to examine. You may need to kill all the enemies first. Head towards the billiards table and check the bathroom for a Golden Sawn-Off part. Back into the main room, an enemy will be waiting in the hallway around the corner. Kill him and move up to find more enemies waiting around the next corner. Kill them and continue on. In the first small room with a shower is a pain killer on the sink. Enter the last room on the right to speak with a tourist.

Go through the doors outside. Make a right, go down the stairs, and walk over to the wall overlooking the basin. Max hops down and hides from more thugs coming to finish him off. They give up and walk away. A firework announces Max's arrival to the locals.

Checkpoint 7
Start walking under the bridge. Max comments that this is a different gang from the Comando Sombra - one that is pissed because Max shot up their favorite strip club. Follow the path and you'll run into a few enemies up on the rooftops. Kill them and move past a gate towards a tree.

Checkpoint 8
A few more enemies are waiting on the left. Kill them all and head up the stairs where even more enemies are waiting. Clear them out and move along the buildings. A couple more enemies are on the rooftops ahead. Kill them and drop down. Enemies will appear on the right. There's a small yellow propane tank to wipe them out. Go up the stairs and there are even more waiting down the way on the right with some high up in cover. Kill them and continue on. The last two run out from the right and left respectively so be ready.

Follow the pathway and find the blue doors. Examine the Filhos gang tag on the wall. Shoot the pad lock of the warehouse and enter. Max sneaks up to find the thugs that robbed him earlier and a random girl in the distance. Max tries to remain quiet but knocks over a tank. Alerted to his presence, the thugs spring into action and so does Max. He grabs a chain, shoots a valve controlling a lift motor, and rises up while entering Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 9
Shoot the four enemies below then the two on your right plus one more on the top walkway. Max hops onto the catwalk as more enemies start shooting. Kill them and run across. More enemies appear across the room hiding amongst cover. Kill whoever you can while going down the stairs into the office.

Checkpoint 10
In the office is a high-powered rifle with a red dot sight to make things easier. There are also a couple explosives to trigger among the enemies. Grab pain killers on the back wall of the office.

Eventually an enemy will break into the office. Kill him and another enemy is waiting outside. Kill him and go back to clearing the other side. When there are no more, go outside the office and grab the Golden Sawn-off part on the left. Head down the stairs where there are a couple more enemies with one or two coming down the stairs in the back-left. Kill them and go up those stairs. On the next level a few more enemies run in so be ready. Kill them and pick up a Golden Spaz-15 part in the left-hand corner. Go through the doors and be ready to get shot at from the left. Kill this guy and another running up. Go into the first room on the right for pain killers. Head up the stairs and outside.

Follow the path through an old box car and go to the red gates on the right. Max slowly opens the gates and sees a tougher gang member overlooking the area. Max comments that this isn't the same gang he was already facing as the gangster walks away.

Checkpoint 11
Go over to the table for a pain killer. In the next cut-in area is a Golden Spaz-15 part. Just beyond that is Tropa-Z graffiti on a wall to examine. Move forward and go into the left corner to find another pain killer on a table. Head back out. Go up the stairs and then left. Follow the path around up the hill. A random person will see Max coming and close their door. Go up the stairs on the left and more people will flee Max. One lights off another firework and another runs up the stairs on the left. They are considered enemies that can be killed before running away. Drop down into the lower area.

Checkpoint 12
Go right (behind the structure you just dropped from) to find a Golden Spaz-15 part. Go over and examine the flowers which are another shrine to Claudio. Head up the stairs and you'll find more enemies waiting at the top on the left across a small foot bridge. There's another small propane tank in the right room. Walk across the bridge to get the last guy in the left-hand room. There's a pain killer in there too. Drop down and follow the path. You'll find a small flyer on the ground towards the right to examine.

Go through the door covered in graffiti and be ready for an enemy right in front of you who kicks over a table. Kill him and grab the pain killer on the kitchen counter. Some more enemies will be shooting from the next room. Clear the room and go through the door outside where another enemy will be waiting in the next doorway. Kill him and go right. A lone enemy will jump out from the left so kill him on your way by. Go through the door at the end. A couple enemies will be above you through the roof (or was it a floor?). Kill them and move forward. Through the door and to the right you're faced with multiple enemies on and around a blue house.

Checkpoint 13
Wipe out all the enemies. Reinforcements will appear inside the house so kill them too. Drop down, go to the left of the house, and kill the last guy in the alleyway. Enter the house and find a pain killer in the back. Go out the door and go right through a wooden gate. Max stakes out another house with thugs inside but one accidentally faces Max while trying to leave.

Checkpoint 14
He alerts his friends so kill them all and get inside. In the back-right are Oxidado drugs to examine plus a pain killer behind them. Go to the back door and Max forces his way through. He finds plenty of fun items behind the house and rigs a bomb like MacGyver to give the drug trade a dent.

Checkpoint 15
Head away from the show and examine the Comando Sombra gang tag. Go left up the stairs. Get to the end and make a right into a gate. Max goes through to find a heavily guarded home overlooking the favela. Must be Serrano's place. Max walks a bit and gets trapped in a storm of Molotovs. He takes cover and you're put in control.

Checkpoint 16
Take out all the enemies on the rooftops in front of you - especially the ones chucking Molotovs. If you enter Bullet Time you can shoot the flaming bottles before they reach you. Clear them out and check out a small area to the left of the stairs for a Golden Sawn-Off part. head to the right up the stairs. Continue to kill enemies facing you. Towards the right is an open area with more up high. Follow the walkway and use the wall as cover from enemies on the left if needed. They are literally everywhere. Continue to the end of the walkway and Max is faced with an RPG.

Checkpoint 17
Max enters Bullet Time so shoot the RPG before it gets to you and then the guy firing them if needed. Be aware of an enemy coming up behind you and clear the house across the way. Drop down and head up the stairs where the RPG guy was. Go left and up to a gate. Max walks in and hopes the "king" is home. Max sneaks up to find Marcelo and Giovanna sitting on the floor with a bag of money. Fabiana is bound next to them with Serrano yelling.

  • Ex-cop again inside the green "Angels of the Hill" building among the favelas near the bar
  • Serrano picture left by Da Silva
  • Tourist in room on the right in bar's hallway
  • Gang tag (Filhos) next to padlocked doors of warehouse
  • Gang tag (Tropa-Z) on wall after red gates, right before the stairs
  • Claudio shrine in top of hill area after dropping down
  • Giovanna flyer on ground before entering graffiti door
  • Oxidado bags inside house
  • Gang tag (Comando Sombra) after firework show

Golden Guns
  • Golden Sawn-Off Parts
    • In bathroom off of bar, near billiards table
    • Outside warehouse office towards the wall
    • In left-hand nook after first ambush near Serrano's place
  • Golden Spaz-15 Parts
    • In corner of area across from warehouse office
    • On right behind some wood after red gates
    • Top of hill area, behind upper part you drop from

Pain Killers
  • Behind small bar counter next to stage (1 in each small area)
  • On sink in first room of bar's hallway
  • Warehouse office
  • Room on right of warehouse back hallway
  • On table past red gates
  • In small corner area on left past red gates, across from stairs
  • In left room across foot bridge in top of the hill area
  • On kitchen counter inside house
  • Inside blue house
  • In next house behind Oxidado counter
  • On table across from Serrano's place (open area)


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