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> Custom Missions?, Anyone up for some creativity?
post Sep 12 2009, 01:01 AM
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Back when I played Hitman: Blood Money, the forums began to create Custom Missions.

Custom Missions are when you write a mission out for someone else to follow, this can be anything from assassinations, to drug deliveries, beating up journalists, or even dropping off a delightful sandwich to a large hooker (Although I don't even want to KNOW the payment for that one). What you do is first you create a person who gives the mission. You can create someone who is a mafia member, an anonymous payphone type person, or just your average GTA Mission Giver. Then you choose which GTA 4 Protagonist you would like to give the mission to, at the moment Johnny or Niko, but once TBOGT comes out Luis as well.

After both of those things you write up a telephone chat or a scenario where the protagonist meets the mission giver, the mission giver explains the mission* and offers a payout**. Then you list the objectives and voila, you have a custom mission!

If anyone is interested let me know and I'll create one just to start off. If not, well, throw tomato's at me and I'll slink offstage. Of course if you have your own custom missions feel free to post some.

*Make sure the mission is actually doable and won't take forever (Don't describe someone in immense detail with an immense amount of factors IE SHE MUST BE WEARING A PURPLE COAT WITH A BLACK MAN IN A RED HAT NEXT TO HER. Its never fun to search for hours for something you don't even know is there or not)

**The payout is fictional, unless the payout is a hooker or something o.o, get creative heh.

Here is a CM Making Guide: http://www.igrandtheftauto.com/guide/misc/...custom-mission/

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post Sep 12 2009, 01:12 AM
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Cool idea. I did some of these for San Andreas.

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Whenever I think of "human resources" Massacre immediately springs to mind.

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post Sep 12 2009, 01:51 AM
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Alright, here is going to be an example mission-giver encounter.

Employer: U.L. Paper - Different Man, Different Office. Middle Aged, brown hair, suit, and brown eyes. American accent.

Protagonist: Johnny Kleibitz

Employer Meeting:
Johnny's Phone Rings -

? - "Hey, nice murder back there! Also great carjacking, bet it made you feel like a man huh?"

JK - "I don't have a goddamned idea what you're talking about, buddy. I don't have time for prank calls."

? - "Oh feel free to hang up. You'll only be hurting yourself when the charges stick and you end up in the slammer next to Big Benny."

JK - "Fuck. You"

He attempts to hang up but the phone simply goes to speaker.

? - "Nice trick, huh? Do me a favor sweetheart, you talk to this stubborn biker fuck, I don't have time to save a prick and a meth whore who won't show me an ounce of respect."

The phone reverts back.

Ashley Butler - "H-hey johnny.. I know you said not to call.. and I--"

JK - "What the fuck did you drag me into this time?"

Ashley Butler - "It's not my fault Johnny, I was tryi- I am trying to get straight it's just, its hard. Now this government agent guy had some of his guys get me and he's threatening to throw us both in jail."

JK - "They kidnapped you?"

AB - "No, no, they just threatened and I thought I could do this without getting you involved.. but I can't do this kind of thing, Johnny. It's your kind of thing."

JK - "Ahh.. fuck. Fine, I'll do this."

AB - "I'm sorry, Johnny."

JK - "I understand, just give the phone to the smug fuck so we can get this over with."

? - "Watch what you say, I can either work in your favor, or work against you Johnny-boy. I'm sure we both want good terms between us. You do yourself a favor and meet me at the United Liberty Paper building, floor ten, Office 201. And don't try anything, your in deep enough and killing me or any of my associates won't help you against a felony, understood?"

JK - "I understand, but don't expect me to treat you like the queen of fucking england when you're strongarming me."

? - "Attaboy, Johnny, I knew y'had it in you to be civil."

Meet UL Paper Deus:

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post Sep 12 2009, 02:14 AM
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Employer: UL Paper Deus (Thats his nickname from here-on)

Johnny Kleibitz


Ms. Checkov's Early Checkout

Johnny enters the office to see a man sitting at a desk and Ashley sitting in a chair in front of the desk. She looks down in somewhat of a shameful way.

ULD - "Welcome Johnny, ah you two make a good couple you know that? Lowlife felon and a junkie, match made in heaven. Haha! Wait, don't tell me, relationship problems? Oh thats a real shocker, but this isn't a talk show is it?"

JK - "Get to the point please? I really won't be enjoying my time as deadbeat government slave, and I'd like to make sure I spend as little time as possible being one"

ULD - "Oh yeah, you'd rather be a deadbeat slave to a drug dealer or something, yeah real productive. Anyway, I'll get down to the barebones. We have someone in this country who happened to witness something we didn't want them to witness. They took a photo of it, and we really do not want it circulating to the internet."

JK - "What did they witness?"

ULD - "Need to know basis, and you don't need to know. All you need to know is that she is completely oblivious to the importance of the photo she has. Once she goes back to Romania or West Bumblefuckistan, the customs are going to have a field day."

JK - "So if I get this correctly, you want me to kill the bitch, then destroy her camera."

ULD - "You know Johnny, it's precisely that mentality that has you in this position to begin with. If Ms. Checkov simply fell victim to muggers in the crime-ridden Hove Beach area she is obliviously sight-seeing in, and they happened to steal her high end camera.. well wouldn't that be unfortunate?"

JK - "Unfortunate for her, but fortunate for the United States Government."

ULD - "You think I work for the government? You really do have your head up your ass don't you? Alright I'll send a picture to your phone, when you get the camera I want you to bring it here, pronto. Don't catch any police attention because I'm not tarnishing my reputation trying to bail out your kind."

JK - "Can you let Ashley go now? She has nothing to do with this."

ULD - "She could have left from the beginning, but she would face a plethora of drug charges if she did. Plus, I was just about to have a discussion with her about few of her friends, wouldn't you like to talk about that Ashley?"

AB - "Wh.. whatever will get me out of this mess.."

ULD - "Alright Johnny, go do some community service."


-Go to Hove Beach with a Bat or Fists.

-Locate a female sightseer with a camera, this will be Ms. Checkov.

-Mug her, and steal not only her camera but her money to corroborate the claim of a mugging.

-Bring camera directly to UL Paper Building.


Do NOT kill Ms. Checkov

Do not drop the camera in the water or on the street. ULD needs to analyze it. (I'm not sure if you can actually bring the camera into a car, if not just pretend you brought it into the car and have it on you)

Payout: You get to be free on the streets another day. And you have the joy of working for a mysterious organization. Enjoy.



Capitol Punishment
Johnny enters the office, the same man is sitting at his desk, laughing and on the phone. Johnny takes a seat and waits.

ULD - "Haha! Yeah yeah.. Batons? What the fuck can a baton do to a guy who killed people with his bare hands?... Those flimsy second hand assault rifles they give you jam up every two seconds Jimmy tells me... Look, I'll fix this, don't you worry Warden, I've got a guy right here who can.. I mean will fix this."

He hangs up.

ULD - "Johnny boy, what are your feelings on Capitol Punishment?

JK - "What? Well, I think the punishment should match the crime."

ULD - "What about your punishment for your crimes?"

JK - "I didn't say the 'criminal' couldn't resist. I'm just saying one day we are all going to reap what we sow. Including you."

He claps while laughing sarcastically.

ULD - "Oh that is rich, a morality lesson from a murderer. Beautiful. Alright, I think I'm going to let you off of the hook johnny. I just got one more little task for you."

Johnny crosses his arms and sighs.

JK - "What is it?"

ULD - "I got some friends at Alderney State Penitentiary and they have been trying to petition the government for some funding. It seems they are getting the horse's ass when it comes to weaponry and you know the types that are in there. In fact, you are the type to be in there. And you know if some futz has a gun that jams, you can take advantage. So my close, personal friend the warden realizes the only way to really get funding is for there to be an incident.

Your little escapade only got them stronger walls, which honestly is jack-shit to the determined jail-break artist. What we want is casualties."

JK - "So you expect me to waltz into Alderney State, with a machine gun and just start gunning people down.. and this is supposed to help me get out of the charges I have."

ULD - "Always the smart ass aren't you Johnny. I don't want any of those cops killed do you hear me? The police are going to lock a few of the death row prisoners out in the yard and rec area. Don't make this hard on yourself and take the driving route, just fly a chopper in, shoot a couple of inmates, like maybe four or five.. scratch that, make it six. Then fly away, how hard can it be?"

JK - "You're just trying to get me killed. Will you make sure the cops don't fire at me?"

ULD - "Johnny, if I could walk in, shoot a few inmates and then leave without police shooting me, I wouldn't be having you do it, would I?"

JK - "I'm not making any promises. I'll try to lay out who I can but I'm not going to get myself killed."

ULD - "All you need to be concerned about is the funding. If the incident causes them to get funding for better weaponry than I don't give a hell whether you gave the inmates a lapdance to get it. Speaking of, I have a hooker who is ratting on her pimp on the other line, why don't you go make yourself useful and get started."

ULD picks the phone up.

JK - "Where is the helicopter?"

ULD - "One second Ms. Del Rio Go fucking find one, if you can jack a car you can jack a helicopter, I'm not your mother, I don't need to help you through everything."

Johnny leaves the office, visibly pissed.


-Acquire kevlar vest and weaponry. Rocketlauncher or assault rifle is reccomended.

-Acquire a helicopter (try the helitour area)

-Fly into Alderney State Penitentiary.

-Kill as many prisoners as possible. Minimum is two.

-Leave Alderney State Penitentiary alive and lose wanted level.

-Wait for a call.


Do not kill any police officers.

Kill a minimum of two inmates.

You may bring a friend if it helps (IE Clay or Terry) Any officers they kill won't count because I know this is hard.

Once completed for the "call" please PM me that you completed the mission.

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post Sep 12 2009, 08:29 PM
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Employer: Flashy Kati

Protagonist:Niko Bellic

Employer Meeting:

The doorman presses the intercom and his voice resounds through Niko's high-rise apartment.

Doorman - "Mr. Bellic, you have a visitor."

He adjusts his sleeve and then makes his way to the intercom.

NB - "I'm not expecting anyone, who is it?"

Doorman - "Her business card says 'Flashy Kati' but she tells me her name is Kati Kali. She is a nightclub owner from Alderney, according to the card."

Niko checks his watch and rubs his forehead before saying.

NB - "Alright let her up."

Doorman - "What about her body guards?"

In the background you hear "I don't go nowhere without me body guards, seen?"

NB - "Just let them up."

Niko takes his pistol off of the nearby nightstand and conceals it in his pants when the elevator makes a Ping! sound.

When he walks into the room, the elevator door opens revealing a 30-something year old black woman with turquoise retro hoop earrings, large sunglasses which have turquoise frames, a small afro set back by a blue headband, and a blue sweater/dress with tuquoise circles all over it, and finally turquoise heels. Accompanied by two black men with bald heads over six feet tall and in sharp black suits.

Niko thought to himself "Did she just step out of the seventies?"

FK - "Mista Beyleek is it? Nice t'meetcha boy, m'name's Flashy Kati. Y'hear th'name before?"

NB - "I'm sorry I don't go to many nightclubs.. it isn't my ehh scene, you know?"

FK - "Even if you did th'only name you would know round 'ere is dat Gay Tony. I'm from Alderney and I own some of the hottest spots around there."

She then took a seat on the couch, removed her glasses to reveal dark brown eyes, and crossed her legs while lighting her cigarette in a turquoise cigarette-holder.

NB - "I don't mean to be rude but.. who gave you my information?"

FK - "Oh I 'eard bout you 'ere an' there. But y'know Jacob ya? Him an' I is tight. Sometimes he uses my club to sell off 'is product you know?"

NB - "Any friend of Jacob is good enough for me."

Fk - "Look, I'm real sorry bout what went down, nonna d'shit that 'appen t'you should ever 'appen t'anyone. Y'din't deserve that."

NB - "Thank you but, part of me believes I did deserve it."

Fk - "I said noone deserves dat kind of shit on they heart. I done bad things but it don't mean I deserve the fury of Jah comin down on me."

NB - "I suppose you are right. Everyone has done bad things in their life.. but it doesn't mean they deserve the full retribution."

FK - "Alright I just wanted t'meet y'in person y'know? I may have some jobs f'you in d'future, seen? An if you ever in Alderney, stop by me main spot 'Fan Bang'"

NB - "That sounds familiar, I just don't know where I heard it."

FK - "Well d'you got friends in d'alderney? Thats probably where y'heard it. Its a real hot spot, seen?"

Her phone rings and she picks it up "Brutaldub got d'fever? I don'goddamn care if he's wretchin' blood I need a goddamn DJ. He best get 'is ass t'work 'fore night." She puts it to her chest and says to Niko

FK - "Nice meetin y'Neeko. I'm gonna take care'a some business, Kwaheri"

NB - "Nice to meet you as well, Kati.

Meet Flashy Kati

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post Sep 12 2009, 08:35 PM
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Looks good. Might try tommorow.

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post Sep 12 2009, 10:40 PM
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Employer: Flashy Kati

Niko Bellic


Give me Liberty...

Niko enters Fan Bang which happens to be right across from his Alderney Apartment. Inside its foggy, and a red light flashes across the crowd.

He approaches the bar and the young female bartender and trying to speak above the loud music (Flashing Lights - Kanye West).

NB - "I'm here to speak to Kati!"

He slides her business card to the woman and she replies

Bartender - "Flashy's in her office.. go on in."

She points beside the bar to a door that has a sign saying Management on it.

He enters the lush and very blue-looking office to see Kati on the phone. She points him to a seat while she is talking and he takes a seat.

FK - "Look girl, I'm offrin you some good green, this is double what that is worth. Y'gottae work wit me girlie....Fuck me? Do you know who I am?... I want that club, girlie an' I'm gettin it...Over your dead body? Think I ain't got d'gall for that? Bitch hang up on me? On me! Oh no no.. Neyko m'boy y'up for some work?"

NB - "It depends on the payout, but yes"

FK - "Flashy treat you real good if you do real good, seen?"

NB - "I understand. What is the job?"

FK - "Alderney is my territory, but it don't make the green like I want. Now Liberty City, just one good club in there could load me up. Make me got diamonds all over me neck and double the amount of clubs I got 'ere in Alderney. Just one."

NB - "You have your eye on a club?"

FK - "Yah but this rasclot bitch got hold of it an' she ain't lettin it go fah no price. An' I offered her TWO of me goddamned clubs over 'ere! That's a good bittae green, sight? If she would 'ave left it at that an been polite an ting, I woulda let this go, but I got respect to hold down. Now she went said to me "Fuck you" an' 'ang up an ting. That shit just don't blow over with me, boy. Anyone talk to me like that any feel th'fury of Flashy."

NB - "And you want me to help bring down the fury?"

FK - "Sharp one Neyko, sharp one. But don't kill the rasclot, she can't sign over a deed if she's dead. We gon' scare th'life out of her. Start small, an' if she don't heed, we work our ways up."

NB - "Sounds reasonable."

FK - "Arraight so this tramp think she livin' the high life, rollin in her favorite white limousine, think she got all respect and ting from erryone. Really th'bitch is dead broke an' lives in the Vespucci Circus, hah! Anyway, that Limo is what makes her feel like she got somethin' good in life. Now I want you t'get onnae dem big fuckin trucks, or somethin' wif a lottae crushin power, seen? Now I want you to take that over 'round th'Supastar Cafe an' keep a slick eye out for d'bitches White Limo. She only rides th'limo at night so I want you to find it in the day time, when she's not in it. Then just hit the gas and crush that shit! Make sure it all bang up an ting! Make it like a pancake, neyko. Then try an drive dat piece of shit over to Club Liberty, an park it outside."

NB - "How am I going to drive it if I flatten it like pancake?"

FK - "Look Neyko, I don't know th'specifics, I just know I want d'bitches limo crush an ting outside 'er club so she can feel my fury. Seen? Be creative, boy."

NB - "Alright Flashy, I'll do my best."

FK - "Remember boy, the better you treat Flashy, the better payout you get."

She smiles and begins to get out turquoise nail polish as Niko leaves.


*First Way*

-Acquire a huge truck, hummer, or vehicle. SUV's work, minivans are a no.

-Drive to the Superstar Cafe in the Daylight.

-Find and destroy a White Limo, do not explode it.

-Park it outside of Club Liberty

-Call Flashy Kati. (PM me that its completed)

*Second Way*

-Go to Superstar Cafe in the Daylight.

-Find a White Limo, carjack it.

-Park it near Club Liberty.

-Acquire a huge truck, hummer, or vehicle. SUV's work, minivans are a no.

-Destroy the Limo outside of the club and leave it there.

-Call Flashy Kati. (PM me that its completed.)


Try not to kill the driver, if he dies its money off of the payout.

You must crush the Limousine with a heavy car.

If its too hard to find a white limousine by Superstar Cafe, you are allowed to scour the EAST side of Algonquin for one. Its normally by perseus or even sometimes at the majestic.

The Limousine must end up in front of Club Liberty.

Payout: 4000 dollars. Take away 1000 dollars if the Driver or passengers of the limo are killed. (The reason why is in Kati's call)

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post Sep 13 2009, 01:36 AM
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A couple of those are slightly interesting but not much, but nice idea. i'll probably give ago sometime this week.

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