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> Part 3, Chapter XIII - A Fat Bald Dude With A Bad Temper
post Mar 8 2013, 12:28 AM
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Checkpoint 1
Giovanna says her goodbyes to Max. She thanks him for all he did and tried to do. Passos says they are finding somewhere far away and safer. He thanks Max and walks off with Giovanna. Max is left with Da Silva. The cop says Mr. Becker of the UFE is a leader of weapon dealing and organ trade. Max gets dropped off at a police station to turn himself in (for crimes he's not really the cause of). The UFE officers take Max upstairs past jail cells and into an interrogation room. They smack him around but Max tricks them into moving closer in order to knock them out and get a gun. He moves into the hallway where another officer is walking up.

Checkpoint 2
Kill the officer ahead and two more in the office. When they are dead the gates ahead open. Grab pain killers in the office before going to the gate. Max hears people coming and hides in the office. Armed prisoners exit the gate and UFE officers come from an opposite doorway. The officers get killed and the group of thugs moves on. Max leaves the office.

Checkpoint 3
Head through the gate into the jail cell area. Make a left to find a Golden MPK part. Now follow the blood trail. If you are quick, you can save two prisoners around the next corner. If not, the two UFE officers kill them and head towards you. Make them dead. In the shower on the right is a Golden Law part.

Follow the path through some cells and you'll meet another enemy. Kill him. Make a left towards a voice yelling to get out. It's the tourist from the strip club. Go around the path and two more officers appear so kill them as well. Move forward. In a right-hand corner cell is a pain killer. Go out the door at the end of the walkway. Max sees the last of the prisoners being killed by the UFE. He takes cover behind a column.

Checkpoint 4
Take out the UFE officers. They'll come up on both sides with more in the back coming through the doorway. When they are all dead head into the first room on the right for a pain killer. Go into that back room and find another pain killer plus a laptop to examine. Be sure to take a peek at a notebook featuring a Max Payne doodle on one of the tables. Also in that room is the button to open the next set of security doors. Activate it and walk out the doors.

Max walks outside to a police parking lot and sees a prisoner trying to take out an armored personnel carrier (APC) with an RPG. Unfortunately he and his comrades get shot down by the turret gunner. Max decides to finish the job and takes cover behind a wall with bullets flying at him.

Checkpoint 5
Wait for the gunner to stop firing and run over to the prisoner body on the left (take cover behind the barrier). Grab the RPG. When the firing stops again, take aim and shoot the RPG at the APC. You only get one shot. If you miss, there are two more off to the right. One is next to another body and the other is behind a cop car. After the APC explodes the garage door under it will open and reinforcements enter the parking lot. Towards the left of first RPG's location is a grenade launcher and ammo. Use that or take out the incoming UFE officers however you wish.

Go into the garage. There may be a straggler so watch out. On the right a set of red doors open. A prisoner exits but gets shot down. Kill the UFE officer behind him. Turn around and in the far corner of the garage is a Golden Law part. Go through the red doors and up the stairs.

Checkpoint 6
Through the next door, to the left, are two UFE officers beating a prisoner to death. Kill them and another pops out from the next left. You can also make a right when you enter the area to take cover behind a small wall. They won't see you for a few seconds. Also behind this wall is a Golden G6 Commando part. When all three are dead move up and around to the left. Go through the two sets of doors.

Checkpoint 7
Inside the locker room, go left and find a pain killer. There is another to the right but more UFE appear in the next room. Kill the three in the gym and two more enter from the back afterwards. Go into the shower/bathroom back-left (Men) for a Golden MPK part. Opposite shower/bathroom (women) has a pain killer. Go through the next set of doors. Towards the left a few officers are in the rooms. One is ahead in the kitchen and two are on the right. Kill them and move into the kitchen ahead for another Golden G6 Commando part. Go into the opposite room and look for a note to examine on a desk that in the middle (right side of cluster) against the wall. Go through the next set of doors.

You'll see one UFE officer ahead behind a desk and another will pop in from the left. Kill them both. Go to the room on the far right for a pain killer and Golden G6 Commando part. In the opposite room (left of security) is a Golden MPK part. Go into the security room with all the TVs. Max looks around and spots prisoners taking on the UFE. He also sees a group of UFE in an elevator that happens to land on this floor. Max takes cover.

Checkpoint 8
Take out the UFE ahead. One of them tosses a smoke bomb as more appear from the other elevator. Kill them all however you can. If you didn't get the collectibles already then do so now. There is a pain killer on the wall of the security room next to where Max takes cover. Pick an elevator and activate the button for the 5th floor. The elevator gets stuck but Max climbs out.

Checkpoint 9
Outside the elevator, kill the lone UFE officer behind the desk ahead. In the back room through the door is a pain killer on the table with cards. Go out through the next set of doors where a few UFE officers are standing around, facing away from you. Kill the three plus a couple more that appear from the right. When they are all dead, a heavy gunner will enter. Fortunately, unlike the Cracha Preto heavy gunners, this guy doesn't have a good helmet and can be taken out easily. When he's dead, check the middle-right office for a file about the AUP (from the yacht attack). Then go to the office in the back (left of the doors) for a pain killer and laptop to examine. Da Silva is shown to be a good cop.

Go to the doors and Max finds them locked. He loots a UFE body for their keycard and enters the briefing room. Go up to the podium and examine the briefing. Click through the slides as Max narrates. It seems the Tropa Z is the new king gang after the Comando Sombra died out. Max and Passos are also shown in the slides. When the slideshow starts over, exit the next set of doors.

Checkpoint 10
Go through the waiting room into the evidence locker. A UFE officer is walking around. Kill him plus the other behind him and more are in the back. Go into the office near the entrance doors for a pain killer. When they are all dead get to the back. A gun locker is off to the left if you wish to switch weapons. Go through the back locker and to the left. Out the doors is a stairwell. Max starts up the stairs but a tear gas canister drops down and blows up.

Checkpoint 11
With tear gas filling the stairwell, hurry up the stairs. All the doors are locked but there is a wall vent near the top (above third set, opposite the top door). Shoot out the grate and go to it. Max hops up and enters the duct. Unfortunately it doesn't hold for long and he crashes into a server room with a UFE officer. Max enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 12
Shoot the UFE officer and get up. Go around the corner and Max begins to search discs on a table. He finds the missing disc from the Branco security system - when Rodrigo was killed in his office. The disc shows Mr. Becker's second in command, Bachmeyer, giving the final shot. When Max is done head out the next door.

Checkpoint 13
Go through the next set of glass doors into the lab. UFE officers will break through the windows so be ready. Kill them all and go out the next door. Max goes face-to-face with Bachmeyer. They exchange a few words and the UFE officer runs off. Max chases him into the next room. With lasers coming through the right-hand windows, Max gets on a wheeled cart and enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 14
Take out the UFE officers across the way while rolling on the cart. At the end Max hops off so take out the ones you missed if needed. Run around and collect ammo from the bags along the room. An alarm sounds that doors are opening.

Checkpoint 15
More officers enter the room on the left. Kill them and move in. There's a pain killer on the wall in this office. A couple more will pop out at the far end of the weapon cache. Kill them and go around trading weapons if you wish. Head out the next door and make a right. Examine the flak vests. Max puts one on since the show is only beginning. Slide over and activate the button for the next security door. Walk out the doors.

Checkpoint 16
Walk to the end of this room along the gun range to grab a pain killer. Get through the doors down into the training simulator area. Follow the green arrows. Make a left and you are greeted by two enemies with a third running in after them. Another with a green laser appears overhead to the right. Kill them all. Around the next left is another so kill him too. Keep moving and kill another enemy plus another green laser up ahead. Off towards the right are a few more. Kill them and move around the next right to the stairs. One more runs through a door at the top so kill him and go up. Grab the pain killer and get through the door.

Checkpoint 17
You are at the target end of the gun range. An alarm sounds as a bunch of UFE officers are shooting your way from the other end. Clear them out and grab the Golden Law part on the left before walking over. An officer comes out with his hands up surrendering. Shoot him before he grabs the shotgun in front of him after you walk away. Go through the shop and one last UFE officer is walking up around the left corner. Kill him and grab the pain killers off to the right next to the sinks. Go out the next door. Max goes up the stairs and out another door. He sees Bachmeyer with some fellow officers but fails to sneak past them. Max runs and takes cover behind a railing.

Checkpoint 18
Two officers are down in front of you coming up the stairs to the left. Kill them and another at the bottom. A bunch more appear at the far end of the room behind various TV monitors and desks. The last couple are in rooms at the back. Wipe them out and Max gets taunted by Bachmeyer on a balcony. Max takes cover behind a desk.

Checkpoint 19
Two UFE officers approach from the left. Kill them but trying to get Bachmeyer proves difficult because of the railing he's hiding behind. Instead, shoot the light above him so it crashes down and makes him move. You'll likely need to wait for Bachmeyer to stop shooting or get his hands/gun so he stops for a second. The light will take plenty of bullets to be brought down. When it starts to drop, aim above it to catch the supports. When the light falls Bachmeyer slides to your left while two more enemies enter at your level. Repeat the same thing. Switch to the opposite desk to get a better shot at Bachmeyer's new location. There's a pain killer on it too. Shoot the ducts and ventilation unit out of the ceiling. Bachmeyer will stand up so you can give him a final bullet to the head. He tumbles over the railing onto the floor.

Max grabs the keycard to Becker's office and makes his way up. He breaks into the office and is faced with a humored Becker. Max begins to strangle him but Victor comes up from behind with a gun to Max's head. He thanks Max for helping to clean up the gangs like Victor promised to his voters. Right when Becker goes to grab Max's gun, Max headbutts Victor and smacks his gun away. Becker tases Max and they escape.

  • Tourist in jail cell, near middle to the left after passing through a couple cells
  • Prison log on laptop, back room after jail cell area
  • Promissory note, on middle-back desk in room across from employee cafeteria
  • Laptop with file on Da Silva in a back office after stuck elevator
  • Folder with intel on AUP in the middle-right office after stuck elevator
  • Slideshow in briefing room (go to podium)
  • Flak vest after weapon cache, same room as button for security doors

Golden Guns
  • Golden MPK Parts
    • First left after leaving interrogation room area
    • Male officer shower room, left off of gym
    • In room to left of security room, after cafeteria
  • Golden Law Parts
    • In shower of jail cell area
    • Corner of police parking garage
    • On left in gun range after training simulation room
  • Golden G6 Commando Parts
    • Behind small outside wall to the right, after parking garage stairs
    • Kitchen of employee cafeteria, after the gym
    • In room far right of security room, after cafeteria

Pain Killers
  • Office outside interrogation room
  • Corner cell at end of jail cell area
  • Room on right after jail cell area
  • Back room after jail cell area
  • Each end of the officer locker room
  • Female officer shower room, right off of gym
  • On desk of room far right of security room, after cafeteria
  • In security room next to windows where Max takes cover
  • Back room next to desk after climbing out elevator
  • Back office after stuck elevator
  • Office near entrance of evidence room
  • In office after sliding on cart
  • Far end of room looking into gun range
  • Next to exit door of training simulation room
  • Next to sinks in the shop after gun range
  • Opposite desk when shooting above Bachmeyer

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