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> Part 3, Chapter XII - The Great American Savior Of The Poor
post Mar 8 2013, 12:27 AM
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Checkpoint 1
Staring at the pile of dead bodies, Passos joins Max on the rooftop and comments on the brutality. Flash forward back to Max and Da Silva. He thinks Victor has a banker friend in Panama and that Marcelo drove off with money from the canal. The cruise was a delivery. After discussing circumstances more Da Silva comments that Passos was a bum ex-cop who needed money. Max was a perfect fall guy for everything happening. Max doesn't even know if Passos went through the academy with him. They start driving. Da Silva says that he knows a lot of people were removed from the favelas in prisoner busses but none were booked. Max informs him about the UFE relationship.

Da Silva pulls up to a destroyed hotel. He says groups of people go in under armed guard but don't come out. Max is tasked to investigate - again, because Da Silva is "just a cop". Max enters a basement window. He doesn't want to make too much noise shooting anybody so he fashions a suppressor from trash.

Checkpoint 2
Walk down the hallway. After going past a laundry room Max sneaks up and sees two armed men tosses body bags and other bloody bags into a furnace. They walk away. Go over and examine the gurney. Go out the doors and into the first storage room on the left. There is a pain killer on a shelf and an ammo crate to examine. Go to the next set of doors. Max creeps along as the two armed men take an elevator up. He needs to figure out what's going on here and takes the elevator.

Checkpoint 3
Walk forward and the two men are in the next room. Kill them and two more pop in from the left. Kill them too and enter the bathroom for a Golden RPG part. Across the first doorway is a grenade launcher which may be useful ahead. Go through the hallways and you'll see an armed man in a doorway who takes off away from you. In the following two rooms there are many enemies taking cover behind the broken walls. Wipe them all out. In the second room is a small propane tank. Walk forward and take out the few left. Go out the back-right and activate the button to open the gate. Walk through.

Checkpoint 4
There are two ways to go: the forward hallway and a room to the right. An enemy is hiding behind a wall in that room. Kill him and another will run through that room into the hallway. A third is down the hall in the distance. Kill them and move into the right room where another is waiting with three more enemies in the distance across a collapsed floor. Kill them and go back out into the hallway for a Golden FMP G3S part. Drop down into the collapsed area. Two more enemies appear above you so be ready. Kill them and hop up the wreckage. On the right is a wall of photos to examine. Under a small table is a photocopy of Passos' ID card which is also to be examined. These two clues show that Max and Da Silva are targets plus Passos is from Columbia.

Start walking towards the next hallway but be ready for three enemies on the right. Kill them and go left. Past one of the first guys you saw before is a storage closet with a pain killer. Head back towards the bodies of the trio and shoot the propane tanks to open up the wall. Go through the new opening, up the stairs, and into the next set of doors.

Checkpoint 5
Go down the hallway and make a right into a room with a Golden RPG part. Go to the end of the hallway and Max automatically switches to a hand gun. Go to the partially open door. Max slowly enters and finds some UFE paperwork among other things. He kicks open the next door and finds a group of unarmed gang members standing around. Lying on the floor in the back is Serrano who has seen better days. Max gets them all to leave and continues working his way through the hotel. Max climbs up an elevator shaft to a rooftop pool area with a small group of armed men outside. He gets into cover.

Checkpoint 6
There's a pain killer on the cart you are hiding behind. Kill the three enemies and three more are at the far end of the pool. Kill them and head back into the room with the elevators. A Golden FMP G3S part is behind the counter. Start walking along the pool and two more enemies appear. Kill them and move into the tennis court. Three more pop out of a doorway to the left. Walk over and further to the left, is a cafe area. There are three enemies outside among the tables and plenty more inside the building. Clear them out and get in there. On the bar counter is a newspaper to examine. Behind that is a pain killer. In the back is a piano to play. Go to the doors.

Max finds a doctor cleaning up a bloody mess. Max yells at him to find out what he's been doing. The frightened doctor shows Max bundles of cash. Serrano enters and is very mad at the doctor. He grabs a knife and goes to work. Max doesn't interfere and walks out.

Checkpoint 7
Go into the next set of doors. In the middle-right room behind an armchair is a Golden FMP G3S part. Go to the next door. Max finds an arsenal of weapons. He grabs some C4 among other items and begins to rig the place to blow.

Checkpoint 8
Run back into the arsenal closet for pain killers. Also examine a receipt on the shelf. Go around and plant C4 on all the red columns (there are two left). After placing the second one a group of enemies enters a gate. Max takes cover.

Checkpoint 9
There are four initially and two more come in after. Kill them all and go out the yellow gate and up the ramp. You'll notice red lasers moving ahead. Max enters cover and grabs a sniper with shots coming at him.

Checkpoint 10
Take out the two enemy snipers across the way plus additional enemies that appear on the different floors. There's a pain killer next to the ammo bag. When they are all dead enter the yellow gate and a few more enemies greet you from the left. Another group also comes up the ramp behind you so be ready and be quick. When they are all dead continue to plant C4 on the red columns (three). After the first one reinforcements arrive so kill them. Get the column in the back (opposite the exit door where enemies come from) and then go to the windows for a Golden RPG part. Hit up the last column and Max makes his escape.

Outside he finds plenty of enemies who scatter as Max holds up the detonator. Neves (shown by Da Silva in the strip club) arrives from a helipad and the two exchange words. Neves says the organ farming they are doing is a legitimate business and that Max hasn't changed anything in the city. Max presses the detonator and the building shakes. He runs into cover.

Checkpoint 11
You need to do this whole part quickly and counter all the shaking. Kill the enemy ahead and the ones on the helipad. An explosion will blow out the left and more shaking happens. The roof begins to cave. Move up and one more appears from the next gate. Kill him and keep moving. Around the corner two more are waiting on the stairs. Kill them. An explosion blows the gate at the top open. Go up to the right. There are pain killers in that room. Back out through the next gate is an enemy waiting on the right so be ready. When you approach the next green door an explosion blocks the way and more enemies appear on the roof above. Kill them.

A heavy gunner appears. Kill him however you can. It'll take a few headshots which are very difficult since the building continues to shake. When he's dead Max gets knocked down. Neves appears and shares some words before his head explodes. Passos appears and says he's there to save Max and that he was pressured into things. After some heated words they take off in the helicopter as the building crumbles to the ground.

  • Gurney in furnace room
  • Ammo crate in storage room past furnace
  • Photos on right wall past collapsed floor
  • Photocopy of Passos' ID card near photos
  • Newspaper on bar counter inside rooftop cafe
  • Donation receipt on shelf in arsenal closet

Golden Guns
  • Golden RPG Parts
    • In bathroom after taking elevator
    • Room on right in upstairs hallway
    • Second floor while planting C4, back corner at windows
  • Golden FMP G3S Parts
    • Hallway near collapsed floor.
    • Behind counter before entering rooftop pool area
    • In middle-right room after doctor, behind armchair

Pain Killers
  • Storage closet in second half of hallway past collapsed floor, back towards starting point
  • On cart before entering pool area
  • Behind bar counter inside rooftop cafe
  • Inside closet with arsenal after placing C4
  • Next to ammo bag when sniping (you'll likely pick it up automatically)
  • In right-hand room after going up rooftop stairs, past helipad

  • Piano in back of rooftop cafe

Add your thoughts below!

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