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> Part 2, Chapter X - It's Drive Or Shoot, Sister
post Mar 8 2013, 12:23 AM
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Checkpoint 1
Max and Giovanna are in a bus station. Giovanna calls Passos on a payphone for assistance of where to go. She hangs up and they head out to find a hiding spot. Noticeably, Giovanna throws up a few times. They get into a bus junk yard and take shelter in one of the shells. Giovanna ends up admitting that she's pregnant with Passos's kid. Max has few encouraging words. Some Cracha Preto members enter the yard across the way. Max and Giovanna take cover as they come around towards their bus.

Checkpoint 2
Take out the enemies in front of you. A couple get into the bus on your left so watch for them too. When they are all dead Giovanna runs out with Max following. She's in a panic as two snipers get on top of a building towards the right. She runs around with the two green lasers following her. When she gets around the bus on the left she trips and the lasers point right at her.

Checkpoint 3
Get the snipers before they get Giovanna. When they're dead Giovanna heads towards the gate. Go into the far-right half bus shell to find a Golden FAL part. Go meet Giovanna. they get through the gate into the fuel pumps and Max tells Giovanna to stay put.

Checkpoint 4
Start walking out and another sniper will be up high on the lit sign to your right. Kill him and multiple enemies appear to your left near the next gate and on the far side of the bus parked at the pumps. Kill them all however you can. The pumps can be shot and explode into fire. When they are all dead go to the office next to the gates to examine a newspaper and grab a pain killer. Then go back to Giovanna. The pair head over to the big shops building but the doors are locked. Giovanna tells Max to lift her up to the fire escape. She lowers the ladder and Max climbs up. Just as he looks around, reinforcements arrive outside the gate. Max gets her inside but they enter the shop. He pushes her down, grabs a lift hook, and enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 5
Shoot the incoming enemies while hanging from the chain. Get any left after hitting the ground if needed. Giovanna says she can't get down but Max tells her to go around and he'll meet her. Go over to the storage room and grab the Golden M4 Super 90 part. Then walk over to the button that opens the paint booth doors. Move in and to the right through the doors. Giovanna still can't get down but before Max can finda way, more enemies run in shooting.

Checkpoint 6
A couple are right in front of you pumping bullets into your cover. More are in the back to the right. Kill them however you can. You can shoot the control panel for the bus lift and make it crash down. The forklift's tank can explode after being shot. When they are all dead Giovanna gets overrun. She gets away and runs across a collapsing catwalk as the enemies close in. Max gets under them and enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 7
Shoot the guys on the catwalk before they kill Giovanna. A few more enter on the left so be ready to get them. When they are dead Giovanna finds a button to lower a set of stairs. Run around the shop into the office and grab a pain killer. Go behind the other lifted bus in the corner to find a Golden M4 Super 90 part. Go up the stairs to meet Giovanna. She leads the way around the walkway. Go into the first office and watch the TV. Meet up with Giovanna through a door.

Checkpoint 8
You'll be standing over top of a bus with enemies sneaking around below. There are quite a few. Get down there and take them all out. A couple go inside the bus for cover. Kill them all and search the bus for a Golden FAL part in the rear. Go to the doors Giovanna is standing next to. They get outside to a break area. Max gets Giovanna through a window to open another door. Inside they hear more enemies up stairs. Max tells Giovanna to wait in the breakroom.

Checkpoint 9
Go back around her into the bathroom for a pain killer then head up the stairs. Right as you get up, enemies are all over the office area. Clear them out. Giovanna automatically moves up behind a wall as another enemy comes up the stairs. Kill him. In the corner office to the right of the large window is a Golden GM4 Super 90 part. Go down the stairs and kill the enemy waiting. Examine the political poster on the wall. Go through the open doors and grab a Golden FAL part behind the desk. Walk over and activate the button for the set of blue doors. Giovanna goes through but an enemy rushes in waith a gun to her head. Max springs into action and enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 10
Shoot the enemy before he pops Giovanna. Max helps her up and they get back outside to the bus station. With more enemies entering the area, they get on a bus. Max tells her to drive since he's a better shooter. After some help she gets the bus moving.

Checkpoint 11
Kill all the enemies in the station as you wiz by. More come out from behind a bus so kill them too. Another group does the same around a corner. Eventually Giovanna grinds along a wall through a tunnel. Continue to drive-by enemies. On the other end of the tunnel an enemy has an RPG. Max enters Bullet Time. Shoot the guy with the RPG and they all blow up.

Giovanna smashes through a bus stop but keeps going. More enemies appear throughout another part of the station. Kill whoever you can. Near the end of this stretch Passos arrives in his helicopter. Another bus T-bones Max and Giovanna, sending them through a fence and into a building. The survive but a truckload of enemies comes speeding up. Max pushes Giovanna out of the bus and tells her to get to the roof and wait for him. The group gets out and one tosses a grenade. Max enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 12
Shoot the grenade in the air then slaughter the waves of enemies outside the bus. They come from both sides and pull up in more vehicles. Shoot the vehicles to make them catch fire and explode. There will be a second grenade that forces you into Bullet Time. When they are all dead Max hops out of the bus to watch the helicopter fly off. He ponders why Passos left without him. Da Silva pulls up in a car and Max gets in. He takes Max to a parking garage. Max vents his anger about Passos leaving him. Da Silva sheds some light on the past of Passos. Victor has paid Passos many times and flew him up to New York - potentially to find Max. Max doesn't want to believe him. Da Silva continues to question Max about thier time in Panama.

  • Newspaper in office of fuel pump area, next to gate
  • Ad campaign poster in hallway under offices

Golden Guns
  • Golden FAL Parts
    • In half bus shell on far right of junk yard
    • Inside bus in third room of shop, after getting down from walkway
    • In security room under offices
  • Golden M4 Super 90 Parts
    • In storage room of shop
    • On counter behind lifted bus in corner
    • Corner office upstairs of break room

Pain Killers
  • Office of fuel pump area, next to gate
  • Shop office
  • Bathroom of breakroom

  • TV in second floor office of shop

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