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> Part 2, Chapter IX - Here I Was Again, Half Way Down The World
post Mar 8 2013, 12:21 AM
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Checkpoint 1
In the church, Max and Passos enter the office looking for a phone. Passos makes his call for help while Max stares out the window. Flash forward back to Max staring at a dead Fabiana with a gun pointed at him. The gang member continues to shout and Max tells him off. He manages to take the gun and beats the gang member dead. Max hears shooting outside. He slowly opens the doors and faces the streets below as a helicopter flies off.

Checkpoint 2
Head down the stairs and make a right to find a pain killer next to a body. Continue along the walkway and up some stairs into a house. Examine a dead body and grab another pain killer off to the right. Go outside and continue on. A gun battle is waging below. Down the stairs and around to the left is a rifle to take. Drop down and Max sneaks around. Two people are shooting to the left in the street. You can kill them if you want. An explosion kills them and puts Max on his ass. He gets up as a troop of UFE officers head into the fight. Max sneaks around them and goes up the street into the favelas.

Checkpoint 3
Keep moving around the walkways. You'll pass by a few instances of UFE fighting gang members. You can either walk by or kill either side. Along a balcony Max looks down and spots Marcelo plus Giovanna being escorted by UFE across the way. At least they're still alive - but for how long? Keep going down stairs and through a door. Max spots the UFE raiding a house. A gang member runs up the stairs and past Max. Of course a UFE officer is chasing and spots Max.

Checkpoint 4
Take out the UFE officer and start down the stairs. A second will be walking up so kill him too. Three more appear with one on the balcony of the house and two from the right side. Kill them. There's a propane tank on the balcony. Go down and grab the Golden DE .50 part under the balcony. Go around the corner and you'll see a gang member run out into a locked door as he's shot in the back. Two UFE officers follow so be ready and take them out. Head down the way and examine the UFE body laying on the right. Max comments that he's from the group that came in after saving Rodrigo at the party in Chapter I. Keep going and move through the gate on the right. Go up the stairs into a house.

Checkpoint 5
A scared woman runs out of her kitchen and locks herself in an adjacent bedroom. Watch the TV on the left. Check the bathroom for a Golden M972 part and pain killer. Go out the back door.

Checkpoint 6
Max sees a gang member get wasted by a UFE helicopter flying away. Go down the stairs and enter the door. You'll see a couple gang members running to the right and a few UFE across the way through some windows. Clear out the UFE and hop over the windowsill. Towards the right you'll see a gang member dragging his fallen comrade as a lone UFE officer guns them down. A few more UFE are raiding another house behind a fence on the right. Kill the officer on the roof and move down the walkway. Max spots a helicopter closing in. He keeps running along dodging bullets. When he gets to the end he hops over a railing onto a sloped roof and enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 7
Kill the two gunners in the chopper. Another officer appears with an RPG and fires. Still in Bullet Time, shoot the RPG before it gets to you. The explosion helps take down the chopper as Max slides down a roof into a destroyed building. The chopper crashes not too far away. Go to the next doorway and down the stairs through a gate.

Checkpoint 8
Just past the gate on the left is a Golden M972 part. Continue on to a pile of blocks. Around the corner are three UFE officers interrogating a person who subsequently dies from suffocation. One of the officers slowly makes his way towards you if you wait. Kill all three and move into the area. Examine the body and grab the pain killer on the table. Head down the stairs and through a gate. Max sneaks up to a fence and watches the UFE escorting prisoners out of the area. A few try to run but get shot down. They're the same police force that appeared at the end of the kidnapping in Chapter I. Max realizes why Da Silva was worried about them.

Checkpoint 9
Start walking towards the stairs. On the left behind some tires is a Golden DE .50 part at the fence under the brush. Make a left into the next area and look for a Golden M972 part at the fence behind a little corner. Go up the stairs to the end. Max looks over the UFE loading up prisoners into a van. He gets up and starts sliding across a railing. Move him while looking down at the UFE beating women prisoners. Go all the way across.

Checkpoint 10
Max finds a balcony and sneaks up to a couple UFE officers. In control, take out the two ahead and there are two more across the way. A third is off towards the left behind a fence but comes closer. A fourth will appear from the door ahead. Kill them all. Go across the foot bridge check the room towards the left, on the right for a Golden DE .50 part. Hop down. Two more UFE head up your way so be ready and take them out. When you walk towards the stairs two more appear - one high and one low. Kill them and move down. Head around the corner and find the door on the right under the light. Max walks into a store. As he watches people running outside, two gang members mug him with a large knife. They run out but get shot as UFE rolls in with their convoy.

Max decides to follow the UFE and see where they go. The convoy backs into a warehouse. Max spots some of the paramilitary guys from the stadium, Cracha Preto, speaking with the UFE. The Preto guy with a scarred face, Milo Rego, hands over a bag of money to the UFE after checking out the prisoners and walks away (this is the guy who almost fired an RPG at Max and Passos while fleeing the stadium in their helicopter. Da Silva also showed a picture of him). Max follows him. He sees Giovanna and Marcelo - trapped inside a stack of tires.

Giovanna is held back as another Preto guy tries to light a match. Max wonders what's happening when all of a sudden Marcelo goes up in flames. Max runs in and knocks out the Preto guy with the matches as Marcelo screams. Max tries to get to Marcelo but the heat is too intense. Rego pushes away Giovanna and comes for Max with a machete.

Checkpoint 11
For this part you need to push the right buttons or else Max gets killed. Block the machete, disarm, kick, strike. Max cuts Rego's neck wide open and grabs his gun. Max escapes with Giovanna. They sneak out of the yard and see Neves enter the area - Da Silva showed a picture of him in the strip club too. Neves walks off angry and Max plus Giovanna slide down towards the water. They pass out for a couple hours before taking off.

  • Gang Member's body in first house
  • UFE officer's body along the walkway after raided house
  • Resident's body after he dies from interrogation, in front of leopard mural

Golden Guns
  • Golden DE .50 Parts
    • Bottom porch of house UFE raids
    • Behind tires at fence after first seeing UFE prisoner convoy
    • In lit room across footbridge, right before the drop
  • Golden M972 Parts
    • Shower of woman's home
    • On left past gate after sliding down roof into building
    • Left-hand area at fence after first seeing UFE prisoner convoy

Pain Killers
  • Bottom of stairs at Serrano's place, on right
  • In first house
  • Bathroom of woman's home

  • TV in woman's home

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