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> Part 2, Chapter VIII - Ain't No Reprievement Gonna Be Found Otherwise
post Mar 8 2013, 12:20 AM
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Checkpoint 1
Standing outside Serrano's place with Marcelo and the sisters inside, Max decides to bust in but finds himself surrounded by rifles. His gun is taken away but he continues to fight with words. He tells Serrano to let the girls go and that no one has to die. Serrano aims at Giovanna and Max screams not to kill her. Serrano says "Okay" and instead puts a bullet into Fabiana's skull. Marcelo also takes a bullet to the leg. Right as things get a little crazy an explosion rocks the building to make it crazier. Serrano yells that it's the UFE as a helicopter is heard. The gang members grab the remaining hostages plus the money and run out.

Max is left in Serrano's house with a gun pointed at his head. He stands there looking at Fabiana and flashes back to a graveyard in North Bergen, New Jersey. Passos leaves Max standing in front of the grave of his wife and daughter. Max sulks over their deaths and how he wishes his life was taken with them. Some young guidos appear trying to identify Max. Knowing something is about to go down, Max takes cover behind the gravestone as shooting begins.

Checkpoint 2
Kill the trio and head down the hill. More will appear among the graves so wipe them out. Passos arrives and takes Max through the gate. Max is certain there are more just as screeching is heard. A van rumbles down the hill behind them as Max enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 3
Aim and headshot the driver who then crashes into the brick structure causing the entranceway to collapse. Max and Passos keep moving and find more trouble. A bunch of goons are all over a statue on a raised section with the center one wielding a grenade launcher. The pair takes cover.

Checkpoint 4
Be sure to get the grenade launcher first and clear the rest out. Go to the right and find a Golden Auto 9MM part on the ground. Move up the stairs and there's more in the next grave area. Passos leads the way out. Be sure to hit up the small shack on the left for pain killers. On the right near the back is a skinny tombstone to examine. The pair walks out a gate and sneaks up a hill looking over some more goons next to a van discussing a bounty. Passos decides to become a distraction by sneaking up to them and then running after killing one.

Checkpoint 5
With the group distracted, take them all out including the one behind the monument on the left. More are off to the right running in so kill them too. Check out the area near the van for a Golden 608 Bull part behind a monument. Head back towards the vehicles.

Checkpoint 6
You can hear goons talking over a radio inside the vehicles. One thinks he caught Max Payne. Max knows it's Passos. Continue towards the stone wall with doors down the road. An enemy pops out of the doors so be ready. He'll put his hands up and run back inside if you don't kill him. More are waiting beyond the doors in a small circular area around a fountain. Kill them and a couple more run in from the back-left. Kill them too and check the right wing of the covered area for a Golden Auto 9MM part. Go up the stairs past the fountain. There are more pain killers in a shack back-left.

Go through the gate and Max finds Passos with a gun to his head in a large circular area. The squeaky-voiced goon is a little confused about who is Max Payne but figures it out and tells Max not to move any closer or else Passos will be killed. More goons begin to enter the area.

Checkpoint 7
Save Passos by giving the goon a nice lead bullet to the mouth. Passos grabs the gun and we're back in the middle of the action. Enemies are off to the left and a couple to the right hiding behind various things including bushes so be careful. Reinforcements come from the back. Clear them all out and go to the center to find a Golden 608 Bull part. Nearby on the left is a tombstone to examine.

Make your way to the back-left with Passos. A groundskeeper enters a gate wondering what's going on. Passos tells him to get away but the keeper's head explodes from a sniper bullet.

Checkpoint 8
Max and Passos move up into cover. Passos yells that the sniper is on top of the mausoleum. He'll give you covering fire to distract the sniper. Move up to get him. A few goons come down the stairs in order to draw you out of hiding. Try to kill them while avoiding the deadly green laser. Move up towards the left with Passos covering you. More goons run down so repeat the previous. Keep moving left for a shot at the sniper. Look for his bright white head and fire.

Max and Passos go up the stairs to hide inside but find themselves surrounded and out-gunned. The goons take their weapons and walk them out the rear. They're put in front of De Marco who is still upset about Max killing his son. He whacks Passos with a shovel and storms off. Max is told to start digging.

Checkpoint 9
While he does, you're given the opportunity to hit the goon. You can stall if you want but why wait? Max will toss dirt at the one standing over Passos and then whack the other next to him. Passos gets up and shoots them both. Since Passos has a head injury Max leads the way.

Checkpoint 10
Walk forward and an enemy will greet you from the stairs. Kill him. Immediately to your right towards the fence is a tombstone to examine. Go down the stairs to the right where more are waiting in the next area. Some move into the garage on the left. Kill them. Check the garage for a Golden Auto 9MM part and pain killer on a table in the back corner. Head over to the morgue where an enemy pops up. Kill him and go down the stairs into the morgue. A few more enemies will be shooting through the window. Some of the things on the shelves are flammable when shot. Kill them all and check the office on the right for a pain killer. You can also watch the TV.

Head to the back and a lone enemy will walk out of a room. Another will come from the glass doors. Kill them. Towards the right next to a dead body is another pain killer. Head towards the doors and in the room on the left next to the skeleton is yet another pain killer. Go through the doors and walk right down the hallway. Max and Passos go upstairs into the church. Passos says he needs a phone to call for help but they hear more goons coming and take cover.

Checkpoint 11
Quite a few enemies run in from the doorways in the back so take them out like a game of whack-a-mole. Make sure to slide over and pick up the Golden 608 Bull part next to you as well as a pain killer on the pedestal. One enemy is in a small upstairs area which can be reach via stairs in the very back - you'll likely end up going up there. After he's dead more will rush the church floor so be ready and protect Passos. Kill them all.

  • Valerie's tombstone in the upper grave area on the right, near back
  • Nicole's mausoleum located in the inner area of circular site to the left, darker door
  • Vinnie's tombstone in graveyard above morgue entrance, near starting point

Golden Guns
  • Golden Auto 9MM Parts
    • On ground to the right of statue atop raised area (grenade launcher part)
    • Right wing of circular courtyard
    • In garage near morgue
  • Golden 608 Bull Parts
    • Behind monument near van
    • Center of circular area after saving Passos
    • Front of church where you take cover

Pain Killers
  • In shack of upper grave area
  • In shack in the rear of the courtyard
  • Morgue office
  • Next to body in morgue
  • In room off of morgue next to skeleton
  • On pulpit in church where you take cover

  • TV in morgue
  • Piano in back of church

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