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> Part 2, Chapter VI - A Dame, A Dork, And A Drunk
post Mar 8 2013, 12:15 AM
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Checkpoint 1
In the disabled speedboat, Max comments about all the things happening and how Passos said this would be an easy job. We find Max sulking in his apartment later. He drinks until he passes out. He wakes up to Passos entering his apartment. He says the boss wants to see them so they need to get going. They arrive at Fabricas Branco Global headquarters. Rodrigo is quite upset that his wife is still missing. Hes not entirely mad at Max and Passos but at everyone and everything going on. Victor takes off with Passos, Marcelo and the UFE officer Mr. Becker.

Rodrigo talks with Max about being rich in a poor country. An alarm begins to ring and Rodrigo sees gang members taking over the office from his security cameras. Unfortunately the security lock down system is not functioning. An IT guy enters and says there is a way to reboot it but he needs to get to the server room. Max tells Rodrigo to stay put and the IT guy plus the secretary to stay behind the desk.

Checkpoint 2
Max runs into the next room and immediately finds gang members shooting at him from all over the place. More will arrive in the back. Clear them all out and Max will invite the IT guy to come in who goes towards the left. Check the office near the entrance doors that belongs to Victor. Examine his laptop for an email and the folder on his desk containing intel on Fabiana. On the opposite side of the doors is a Golden MD-97L part. Find a pain killer in the last office along the windows then go meet up with the IT guy.

Checkpoint 3
He'll get Max through the next security door but more enemies appear across the board room. Kill them. On the small kitchen counter is a pain killer. The model near the entrance doors can be examined. Max and the IT guy sneak out behind more armed men. We get a good look at them standing around another office area as Max says they're the same people who crashed the exchange at the stadium: the Cracha Preto. Max moves up closer to them leaving the IT guy behind.

Checkpoint 4
In control, clear the room. Most of the enemies will be ahead of you but some may get on your right. There is plenty of office furniture for them to hide behind. When they're all dead Max grabs the IT guy who is reluctant to leave his spot. They walk about halfway through the room when more enemies break through the skylights, repelling down ropes - these guys mean business. Max pushes the IT guy behind a wall and takes cover.

Checkpoint 5
Clear the room however you can. There are three pain killers on desks in the corners of the room plus one in a small computer area. Return to the IT guy. They'll go to the computers that control the security system. IT guy goes to work. Max begins to sweep the building as the security gates on the windows start to close up. A small ray of light.

Checkpoint 6
Max needs to check on Rodrigo so head down the stairs and to the right. The boss appears up on his office balcony but Max tells him to lock down. Rodrigo is concerned about damaging the building. Max tells him to concentrate on staying alive. Rodrigo heads the advice and locks himself in. Max now needs to finish his sweep. Make sure to get the Golden MD-97L part in front of the waterfall before you leave.

Head out towards the windows and go right down the hallway. There is a bathroom along the way with a pain killer on the sink. Continue down the hallway and examine the school pictures of the Branco borthers on the wall. Go through the doors at the end of the hallway into the main lobby. Max finds the receptionist with a hole in her head. Can't save them all. A truck is spotted careening towards the main entrance with a gunner firing away. They smash through the doors and Max enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 7
Kill the enemies on the truck and Max jumps up into the air to avoid the vehicle. He's still in Bullet Time so you can kill more enemies at the entrance. A van has also pulled up with more reinforcements. Max takes cover behind a column. Take out the enemies from there or retreat to the wrecked truck for more solid cover. When the first big wave is dead, the van doors open to reveal a well-armed gunner and a couple buddies.

Checkpoint 8
Stay clear of their bullets and make them eat yours. It may take a few headshots to finally take down the gunner. After they are all dead grab the Golden MD-97L part on the scale model and go to the elevator next to the wrecked truck. Max takes it back up to check on Rodrigo. Note: If you stay behind the wrecked truck the whole time you may not be able to get the gun part after killing all the enemies.

Rodrigo's secretary is still alive but worried because she can't contact the boss since the security gates went down. Max tells her to get out and that he'll try to get in from the roof. He gets back into the elevator.

Checkpoint 9
Max manages to get through from the helipad area. Unfortunately Rodrigo is found dead at his desk. Whoever did it took the security footage too. Fabiana's picture gives Max a spur. Even if Rodrigo is dead, Fabiana is probably still alive and savable. Max tries to have a drink but drops her picture. As he picks up the pieces he notices a bomb under Rodrigo's desk. In a split second Max begins running to the balcony and hops over as it explodes - sending Max down into the fountain below.

Checkpoint 10
Max wakes up in the middle of an inferno. The whole office building is on fire and beginning to collapse around him. Once again you need to guide an injured Max out of harm's way. Go through the doors and to the left up the stairs. Max stumbles along as a large piece collapses down behind him. Continue up the stairs and Max comments how one bomb couldn't have done this much damage. He goes through a security gate and finds one of the paramilitary enemies next to the dead IT guy. The enemy walks up to Max in a more desperate way to get out but Max decides to take his gun and make him pay.

Checkpoint 11
A disarming tutorial displays. Take his gun and put a bullet in his head. Walk over to the IT guy to examine his body. Keep moving and a few enemies will appear on your right. Kill them and move forward towards the right. An explosion will knock Max down but he gets up again. Continue on what's left of the floor around the new hole. Move past the sparking wires, to the left, and through the doors.

Checkpoint 12
A dying enemy sitting on the floor will greet you. Shoot him or let him die after he pops off a few rounds. Go down the narrow burning walkway in what used to be the board room. At the end Max walks through a door and finds more enemies trying to find a way out. They spot him and take cover.

Checkpoint 13
Kill the three and move up. This was the first area with Victor's office. Push over the filing cabinet to clear a path (push the button repeatedly). Go left through the glass and then right. Another explosion will knock Max down. Head towards the right and find the narrow path among the burning rafters. Max uses other low-hanging things to keep his balance. You'll reach a walkway which collapses down to the main lobby with Max on it. On the lower level he spots a severely injured enemy trying to crawl away.

Max walks over and begins interrogating him. The guy says they came to kill Max not Rodrigo but Max says that's a lie. Fabiana is in the hands of the Comando Sombra "up the hill". Getting as much info as he can out of the guy, Max drags him out of the building and walks away. We find Max later in his apartment, drinking of course. Once again he's reflecting on all the things happening but this time he doesn't sit there sulking. Max decides to turn things around as much as he can at this point. He drinks some water and shaves his head. A changed man.

  • Email on Victor's laptop in his office, near entrance doors
  • File on Fabiana on Victor's desk
  • First architecture model in board room
  • School pictures in hallway between Rodrigo's office and the main lobby
  • IT guy's body in the inferno

Golden Guns
  • Golden MD-97L Parts
    • First office on left, near entrance doors
    • In front of waterfall under Rodrigo's office
    • In main lobby on scale model

Pain Killers
  • On desk in last office along windows
  • On counter in board room
  • Bathroom between Rodrigo's office and the main lobby

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