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> Part 1, Chapter V - Alive If Not Exactly Well
post Mar 8 2013, 12:13 AM
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Checkpoint 1
Max and Passos take a break in an alley. Passos tells Max he can stay with friends in Queens. Once again he offers a job to Max. Back in Brazil, Max and Raul Passos are riding up the Tiete River to find the docks where Fabiana is being held. Passos says the paramilitary group is likely the Cracha Preto. The Comando Sombra controls this area, though. Max talks about how this mess is entirely his fault but Passos tries to get him thinking straight. They arrive among the ship wrecks and Passos cuts the engine as Max hops out into the water. He makes his way onto land and avoids the gang member guard on a balcony above.

Checkpoint 2
In control, head up the hill past the building to examine the Comando Sombra helicopter from the nightclub parked behind a fence. Go left and hop the small wall. Move forward and towards the left. Youíll find a warehouse with a lock on the door. Shoot the lock and move in. Go up the stairs in the back and hop down. Ahead to the left is a doorway lit up so go there. Max slowly opens the door and sees gang members ahead around a pickup truck on a boat ramp. A boat with the gangís leader, Serrano, goes by. Max knows Fabiana must be somewhere ahead and states he needs to be quiet while finding her.

Checkpoint 3
If you are quick yet careful, you can shoot the yellow block keeping the truck parked without the gang members alerting others. It will then roll into the water taking the gang members with it. This is the "quiet" way. You can also wait for them to be done loading up and start walking up towards you for good headshots. After the shooting begins more will appear to the right from the building (may not if you do it the quiet way).

When they are all dead, head through the fence towards that building and to the right. Go around and into the doors on the left. Max finds a TV with footage of Fabiana surrounded by kidnappers. Max needs to find where she is but gang members enter the next room of the supply warehouse so Max takes cover next to a window looking at them.

Checkpoint 4
Clear the warehouse however you wish. Stay behind the wall or go right into the action. Examine the ransom note on a table in the room Max starts in (where the TV is). There are also two spots with pain killers in that room. Exit the far doors where there is a gun bag on the left next to the large garage door. Max opens the garage to find more gang members in front of him under a container hut.

Checkpoint 5
Wipe them out and more will appear off to the right. Kill them and go that way but make sure you hop up onto the containers where one of them was standing. There's a Golden Micro 9MM part up there. Around the second corner will be more waiting among containers. Be careful as you work your way through and to the left. Youíll end up in a more open area with plenty of enemies to take out. The tank on the forklift will explode if shot. Continue to the left and along the wall. Enter the door at the end. Max finds the chair Fabiana was sitting in but just missed her and the kidnappers.

Checkpoint 6
You can watch the small TV and examine the adjacent camera. Head out the opposite doorway back outside. Go right and look for a Golden Micro 9MM part on the ground next to the gate. Head over to the stairs and through the doors at the top. Max sneaks over on top of a raised boat to see Fabiana being moved out of the boat shop.

Checkpoint 7
As you take aim, one of the many gang members below may spot you and shoot at the cables holding up the boat Max is standing on. He jumps and enters Bullet Time. Take out whoever you can while falling to the floor. There's a propane tank towards the right on the stairs. Try to shoot that before you are spotted. Youíll land behind a crate for cover. Clear the boat shop and go up the stairs near the garage door to find a Golden Micro 9MM part at the end of the walkway. Check out the shop office to the left of the garage door for pain killers and a photo to examine. There is also the button to open the garage door in there. Go out the garage door.

Checkpoint 8
Reinforcements will run in from the next building so be ready. You can also move to the left and hide behind the crates right away so they donít see you. Kill them and move into the boathouse they came from where more gang members are waiting. Some are on the ground level and one is up on the catwalk. When you move farther in the garage door on the left will open and more run in plus another up on hte catwalk towards the back. Clear the room. There's a small propane tank near the garage door.

Examine the newspaper under the stairs leading up. Also check out the office to find the floor plans to the nightclub to examine and pain killers. Go out the backdoor of the boathouse. Go straight ahead and check out the container for a Golden LMG .30 part. Go back inside and head up the stairs to the catwalk. Walk all the way around and through the gate into the next area.

Checkpoint 9
At the end a gang member will walk in below so kill him and drop down. Through the windows on the right are more enemies waiting for you. Make your way outside and towards the left. Enemies are scattered all around behind various objects. Small yellow propane tanks are also scattered around for easy explosions. The tank on a forklift does the same. Go to the back-left where there is a gate next to some small docks. Max opens it up and goes through.

Make a right to find pain killers in the trailer. Back outside go straight ahead into a shack to find another Golden LMG .30 part. Go towards the water up some stairs and into a booth where there are more pain killers. Walk over to the flashing light on a console and activate it. Max pushes a lever to close the foot bridge across the water. Fabiana is heard across the way screaming for Max but the kidnappers take her away.

Checkpoint 10
Cross the foot bridge onto the docks. A gang member will be walking around ahead. Take him out and a boatload will race by. Kill the driver to send the boat smashing into the docks. Continue on towards the booth. More enemies will appear ahead and on the right. Once again there are small yellow propane tanks in a few spots. Follow the docks around to a gate. Go left to find a Golden LMG .30 part near the previous booth. While you go that way, check out the boat for a pain killer in the cabin. Head out the gate.

More enemies will run towards you along with another boatload going by. Again, shoot the driver to send it smashing into the docks across the way. More appear down the dock on a boat and beyond. Move up while you take them all out. Two will run out from another booth. Kill them and go into the booth for pain killers. Continue following the docks.

The next wave is towards the left in the distance. There are many to take out along the far dock and some cover to hide behind including a boat in front of you. Another boat will run by but you know what to do with them. Go around and clear the dock. Again there are small propane tanks around. Get to the gate at the end of the docks.

Checkpoint 11
Max spots Fabiana again. The kidnappers get her on a boat and flee. They shoot back at Max and strike the fuel pumps which catch fire. An explosion blows Max into the water. Passos arrives in the speedboat and takes Max on board. He points Passos towards Fabiana.

Checkpoint 12
Enemy boats appear behind the two so take them out using the big gun Passos has lying on the seat (what's with Passos just having these things lying about?). The gun has unlimited ammo but does have an overheat warning so be careful. In place of Maxís health is your boatís health. When the first two boats are destroyed, two more come across and you need to shoot through trees and bushes at them. After knocking another boat off the water they catch up to Fabiana. One of the kidnappers tosses a Molotov and Max enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 13
Shoot the Molotov before it gets to you. Heíll continue to toss more so keep shooting them out of the sky while getting the kidnappers too. A smaller boat with enemies cuts around your right so get them as well. There are also a couple enemies on a foot bridge across the river. Kill whoever you can but remember to get the Molotovs. As they approach some docks a gang member tosses a grenade from the left which disables Passos and Maxís boat.

Checkpoint 14
Make sure the grenade tosser dies. More appear nearby so take them out too as Passos tries to fix the boat. One next to a building will toss a grenade causing Max to enter Bullet Time. Shoot it before it reaches the boat. It should catch all the propane tanks on fire and blow him to smithereens. Plenty more appear off to the right along the ride. Be sure to take advantage of explosions including a large tank that blows the whole building up. Passos gets the boat working but now thereís a truck chasing you two on the right.

Checkpoint 15
Destroy the continuous stream of vehicles trying to finish you off. Keep killing them and eventually Passos will catch up to Fabiana again. A lone boater will blindside you but runs his boat into the bridge and explodes Ė collapsing the bridge into the water. With that way now blocked, Passos finds another way.

Checkpoint 16
Quite a few enemy boats come up from behind so take them out before they take out you. Eventually Passos catches up to the kidnappers again. After almost getting rammed into a dock, Passos gets parallel to one of the boats.

Checkpoint 17
Kill whoever you can through the dock supports whizzing by. A couple smaller boats will also be behind them. Suddenly the waterway runs out for Max and Passos. They go up a ramp and launch through a building.

Checkpoint 18
On the other side Max enters Bullet Time above the boat with Fabiana. Take out whoever you can before hitting the water. Be careful you don't shoot Fabiana. As the speedboat smacks down the engine fails again and Fabianaís kidnappers get away with her - again.

  • Parked helicopter next to building
  • Ransom note
  • Camera in room where Fabiana was held
  • Bronco family photo in boat shop office
  • Newspaper under stairs in boathouse
  • Floor plans of nightclub in boathouse office

Golden Guns
  • Golden Micro 9MM Parts
    • On top of containers after supply warehouse
    • On ground next to gate on right after place where Fabiana was kept
    • Upstairs of boat shop at end of walkway
  • Golden LMG .30 Parts
    • In container behind boathouse
    • In shack near docks, across from trailer
    • Far side of first (non-enterable) booth in middle of docks, before the gate

Pain Killers
  • First room of supply warehouse (2 spots)
  • Boat shop office
  • Boathouse office
  • In trailer near foot bridge
  • Booth next to foot bridge
  • In boat cabin near the gate in middle of docks
  • Enterable booth in middle of docks

  • TV in room where Fabiana was held

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