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> Part 1, Chapter III - Just Another Day At The Office
post Mar 8 2013, 12:09 AM
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Checkpoint 1
Back in his apartment, Max takes in some pills and booze. The next day Rodrigo Branco is not a very happy camper as he reads the ransom note with his brothers, Max, and Raul Passos. The gang is identified as the Comando Sombra. They decide to pay up and Max volunteers himself plus Passos to make the exchange.

Flash forward and the two are in the middle of a football (soccer) stadium with their helicopter. The gang enters the field from a tunnel and forces them to drop their guns. They get shown the money in the bag and Max tosses it over. Right after the toss a red laser appears which takes out one of the gang members. Max takes a hit to the arm and more gang members go down from the red light of death. Those left alive run for cover including Passos.

Checkpoint 2
Max gets to his feet and you need to get him off the field. He canít run due to his painful injury but the other gang members keep the laser busy. Get to Passos in the tunnel and heíll lead you through. Max will tell you that heís not doing well and stop here and there because of the pain. Passos beats up a gang member and takes his gun. Continue following him though the showers.

On the other end Passos will clear a room and lead Max into a training room with a small field complete with ball and cones. Max calls it a dumb sport but Passos reminds him thatís not something to say around here. They find the infirmary adjacent to the field and Passos bandages Maxís arm (not to mention giving him a pain killer). Max questions who broke up the party with the high-powered weapons and training but Passos says it could be anyone. More gang members are shown getting around and come towards the training room.

Checkpoint 3
Max and Passos get out of the infirmary to meet the incoming gang members. They take cover behind a wall for a surprise attack. Clear the enemies coming from both sides across the way. Once they are all dead go check the office behind you for a large picture of Victor Branco on the wall to examine. Go back into the infirmary for a pain killer on the wall to the left. Next head across into the conference room behind the glass and watch the TV. Go back out and down the hallway. Passos is waiting at an elevator but first examine the blood stains on the doors to the left. Activate the elevator and the two head up.

Checkpoint 4
Passos runs ahead and finds an injured gang member. He tries to interrogate the injured but fails to figure out who the snipers were. The gang member will either die eventually or you can end it sooner. More gang members run in and take the stage. Clear them all and continue on. There is a Golden M10 part in the AV room toward the right before you leave this main room. You end up leading Passos through the hallways. A lone enemy will appear from a door on the left so be ready for him. Check his room for a pain killer on the table. Follow Passos through the next hallway and up the stairs.

Checkpoint 5
In the stairwell, more shots will be heard in the distance but keep going. The two end up in a store area and spot gang members with the bag of money running away. Another runs in but has his legs shot by some other police-like men with vests. They end up executing him and moving in on the other gang members in a bar. They take off with the bag of money and Passos is tired of screwing around so he shoots at the police-like guys. Max joins him in cover as you are put in control again.

Checkpoint 6
Take out the enemies and Passos moves ahead. Before you follow him, go to the right and explore the bathroom to find pain killers back-right. There's a Golden GM82A1 part on a shelf under a picture of the soccer team back where you came from. Join Passos who compliments the gear of the fallen enemies. Max wants to get the sniper but Passos wants the bag of money.

Checkpoint 7
Passos runs ahead shooting so follow him and take cover through a doorway. In the lobby ahead are plenty of enemies to kill. Some are on your level and there are a few up on a balcony. Pain killers are directly across from your cover on the wall. Clear the room and get to the far end. There is a bloody hand print to examine on a column on the right.

Go through the doors and into the hallway with an enemy waiting at the other end. If you miss him heíll run away so take chase. Go through the small rooms and into the box overlooking the field. There's a pain killer in the second small room in front of you. The sniper is waiting so take him out too along with another guy. Passos rummages the gear bag and gives Max a headset. They overhear some yelling outside and spot the police-like guys cornering the gang member with the money bag in the stands. Max decides to go after them with Passos providing covering fire.

Checkpoint 8
Take out the enemies ahead. Go down the stands to the row closest to the field and look for a Golden M10 part all the way towards the left. Now go back to the dead enemies. The guy with the bag will take off and more enemies will appear at the far end of the stands.

Checkpoint 9
In addition to those in front of you, more will come up from the left so watch out. Clear the stands and go up the stairs on the right. A few more enemies will be up there so be ready. At the top there are pain killers ahead of you towards the left. Go through the doors on the left and Max ends up sneaking into a VIP lounge.

Checkpoint 10
Max takes cover behind a column with a group of police-like guys walking towards him. This is a perfect time for a shootdodge to surprise attack them. There is the group in front of you plus a couple more ahead to the right in a lower area with display cases. More will run in from the far end. There is an area on the left that provides good cover if needed plus a Golden M10 piece on one of the seats looking at the field.

At the far end another enemy will run in from the doors on the right. Also there is a memorial to a fallen player, Claudio, that can be examined. There are pain killers on a small bar to the left as well. Continue through the doors to the maintenance elevator. Max will go to the upper stands while talking to Passos who once again provides covering fire.

Checkpoint 11
You are faced with multiple enemies below shooting up at you. Kill them all and Passos points out another sniper that heíll try to keep busy. Quickly go down the stands and left to the tunnel which has a Golden GM82A1 part. Next move across the stands towards the sniper and down into another tunnel. There are pain killers on the left. Go through the doors (also on the left) and youíll be faced with an enemy ahead and the sniper up in the booth. Finish him off and itís Maxís turn to cover Passos who is getting overrun.

Checkpoint 12
Kill all the enemies chasing Passos - who will tell you where they are since your view can be limited at times. It is possible to zoom in and out with the sniper. First wave is above him from the right side of the booth. Another lone one will also come from the left side of the booth. Next three more will come from the top of the stands, two left and one right. Passos tries a door but itís locked.

Checkpoint 13
Three more appear from the left, one from the right, and another from the bottom. He runs to the last set of stairs but one more appears at the top and draws down on him. Take out the enemy before he gets Passos. The two discuss the exit plan but another sniper appears and almost gets Max. He abandons the booth and makes his way to the stands again. He dodges a few shots and gets back inside.

Max finds a security desk and spots Passos sneaking up on an interrogation in the lobby. The paramilitary men have the money bag gang member at gun point. Passos translates that Fabiana is being held at some docks up the Tiete River. With the info they need and the bag of money, the gang member is executed. Passos tells Max to get the last sniper and theyíll meet at the chopper. Max gets back out into the stands just below the sniper.

Checkpoint 14
Take out the two enemies up the stairs under the booth and avoid the red laser. Go up the stairs and hug the top wall all the way to the right where a Golden GM82A1 part is. Go back to the opening and around the corner where three more enemies are waiting Ė two of them behind another corner. Go up the ladder and take out a few more enemies at the far end of a cat walk. Move up to them and go up another ladder. Max wonders why cops havenít shown up yet. At the top of this ladder are more enemies around the lights. Kill them and Passos tells you that you are right above the sniper.

Checkpoint 15
Head to the right to trigger an awesome cutscene of Max sliding down a roof, grabbing a light set, and smashing through the window to kick the sniper. Youíll need to finish him off. Max and Passos reunite and get to the helicopter. They quickly take off to get away from this mess. An enemy RPG is called off since they are being paid to get the money, not Max and Passos.

  • Picture of Victor in office off of training room
  • Blood stain on doors next to the elevator after the training room
  • Blood on column in lobby
  • Memorial to Claudio in VIP lounge

Golden Guns
  • Golden M10 Parts
    • AV room next to injured gang member
    • Nearest bottom corner of first stands area
    • VIP lounge on seat looking at field
  • Golden M82A1 Parts
    • In store on a shelf under a picture of the team
    • Complete opposite tunnel of upper stands (farthest from enemy sniper)
    • Far right of stands when under sniper

Pain Killers
  • Infirmary next to training room
  • Small room off the hallway after injured gang member (where enemy runs out from)
  • Behind store counter
  • Bathroom of store area
  • Lobby across from hallway
  • On shelf before getting to sniper's booth
  • At top of stairs after running across stands
  • On small bar near end of VIP lounge
  • In tunnel after clearing upper stands

  • TV in conference room off of the training room

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