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> Part 1, Chapter II - Nothing But The Second Best
post Mar 8 2013, 12:07 AM
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Checkpoint 1
Some time has passed since the attempted kidnapping. Max is in a helicopter with Marcelo, Fabiana, and her sister Giovanna. Passos is flying the chopper. They are all going to a nightclub to enjoy themselves. They land on a helipad and go down to the club. Max retreats to the bar to avoid the “robotic people” – that doesn’t stop Marcelo from annoying him, though. Once again everything is going fine until kidnappers strike again to break up the party. They take Fabiana and Giovanna away so Max needs to jump into action again.

Checkpoint 2
Max pushes a gang member through a window and enters Bullet Time while flying in the air. Take out the enemies below as you fall and any you miss after. Run to the top of the stairs. Max finds the door chained and more kidnappers running around back into the club area.

Checkpoint 3
After Max runs back down the stairs, take out the enemies ahead and make your way back up to the VIP lounge where there are a few more (you can also get most of them from the dance floor). One more will come down the stairs at the far end of the bar. Head behind the bar to find a pain killer and Golden Mini-30 part. There's also a nightclub flyer on the bar to examine. To the left of the hallway is the dead body of football (soccer) player Claudio which can also be examined. Run back down the stairs and get up into the DJ booth for a Golden .38 Revolver part.

Go through the hallway and into the next lounge. Kill the enemies in the area and you’ll probably get the Last Man Standing tutorial (if not done already) so be sure to have a good shot at your killer. More enemies will run in so be ready. Continue onward from where they came from. Max will make his way past more frightened people as Passos calls. An injured man tells Max where to go.

Checkpoint 4
A gang member is spotted so take him out and continue down the hallway. You’ll find more waiting in the next large club area. Clear the initial wave and head towards the far end. More enemies will run in so kill them too. Before you leave, get up into the DJ booth via an upper seating area with a door. There's a Golden .38 Revolver part up there and a pain killer. Also look behind the first bar you pass by on the right for a pain killer. Go through the far doors of the room and there will be a small area with bathrooms. Check the middle door on the left where a retired American cop is hiding. Next to the exit doors is a torn dress piece to examine. Continue on through the next set of doors.

Checkpoint 5
There are pain killers in a locker on the left. Make a right into the kitchen where there are two gang members arguing. Take them out and two more will run in. Examine the newspaper on the counter to your right. Keep moving forward and Max will spot the girls with some kidnappers. They exit and reinforcements enter the round-shaped room.

Checkpoint 6
Make your way around taking out all the enemies in both the inner and outer seating areas. There are windows to shoot into the inner area and also provide cover from those enemies. When they are all dead check the inner area for a Golden Mini-30 part. Get to the back and grab the pain killer on the desk near the doors. Go through the doors.

Max will just miss the elevator and looks for another way to the roof. After some action-movie jumping he ends up on a window washer lift and heads up. Near the top a helicopter shoots at him and nearly cuts him loose but Max manages to get up. He runs from another gang member and jumps at a friendly helicopter with Marcelo on board who helps Max up. Passos is at the helm and argues with Max a little. They spot the girls and kidnappers rushing them into a helicopter on a helipad below. Passos tells Max to grab the large rifle he just happens to have laying on the back seat.

Checkpoint 7
The enemy helicopter takes off without Giovanna and a few gang members left on the pad. Use the rifle to take them all out. It has a laser sight to make it easy. Giovanna gets free and runs onto the roof with you chasing.

Checkpoint 8
Kill the first gang member trying to get Giovanna on the stairs. With him dead she continues running.

Checkpoint 9
Giovanna runs into many enemies from all directions that you need to kill or else she’ll be killed by them. Many come from the helipad area. The AC units provide obstacles to you.

Checkpoint 10
With the gang members around the AC units no longer beathing, Giovanna head for a door but is greeted by another gun. Quickly shoot him or else he'll shoot her. She ends up on a catwalk of a large lit up sign.

Checkpoint 11
Continue to clear a path for her as gang members try to grab her on the catwalk. One is at the very end. After losing sight, Raul brings the chopper around back above her.

Checkpoint 12
Continue to take out enemies chasing after Giovanna down on the roof. One last enemy comes through a door she’s trying to get through so kill him and she’ll run into the building. Passos brings the chopper around to the helipad but the crew is met with an RPG coming at them. Passos dodges it but Max gets flung out and grabs the skids.

Checkpoint 13
Another RPG is fired and Max enters Bullet Time. Shoot the RPG before it gets to the chopper and blows it up. Take out whoever else you can on the helipad. As Passos brings the chopper in another RPG will come at you so shoot it again. Passos will lower down and Max drops off.

Checkpoint 14
On your feet, head down the stairs to retrace Giovanna’s steps. There are pain killers on the right and then a Golden Mini-30 part in the room under the helipad. Two enemy gang members are waiting at the bottom (you can get them from on top of the helipad too). More will run in from across the roof among the AC units. Clear them out and head to the big sign where more will greet you. Some are at the far end and others are near the middle where the stairs to the roof are. Go to the end of the catwalk behind the sign to find another Golden .38 Revolver part. Get onto the roof again and be ready for enemies coming around each corner. There are quite a few.

Get to the other side and into the stairwell to go down. There's a necklace on the floor near the bottom to examine. Walk through the doors. Max finds Giovanna hiding behind the small bar of an outdoor seating area. She’s worried about Passos who lands the helicopter nearby with (motion sick) Marcelo. The two embrace and Max worries about facing his boss, Rodrigo, since his wife is gone.

  • Claudio's body in VIP lounge
  • Nightclub flyer on VIP bar counter
  • Ex-cop in middle bathroom door after large club area
  • Torn dress piece adjacent to next set of doors
  • Newspaper on kitchen counter
  • Necklace on floor in stairwell after rooftop fun

Golden Guns
  • Golden Mini-30 Parts
    • Behind VIP bar
    • Inner area of round-shaped room
    • Room under helipad
  • Golden .38 Revolver Parts
    • DJ booth next to dance floor
    • DJ booth of large club area
    • End of catwalk behind large lit up sign

Pain Killers
  • Behind VIP bar
  • Inside first bar of large club area
  • DJ booth of large club area
  • In locker before kitchen
  • On desk in back of round-shaped room
  • Next to helipad on roof


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