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> Part 3, Chapter XIV - One Card Left To Play
post Mar 8 2013, 12:30 AM
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Checkpoint 1
Still in Becker's office, Max chases after Becker and Victor Branco but the door outside the office is barred. Wild guess: they'll fly away. Max and Da Silva arrive at an airport. Max will search the main terminal while Da Silva looks for the Branco airplane. Obviously UFE security is tight. It doesn't take long (seconds) for Max to be spotted in the terminal. UFE officers try to stop him but Max runs past scared tourists. He hops onto a baggage conveyor belt and gets away. Eventually he enters a sorting area with employees running away as UFE officers enter.

Checkpoint 2
Clear the room. There are many enemies scattered around behind various cover. Some are in back and others are above you on a catwalk. You can get off the conveyor whenever you wish. Clear the room and go up the original conveyor belt to grab the first Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher part. You can stay on the belt when you start and it will bring you right up to it. Just hop up the last bit to get to it. Another way to kill this first wave of enemies is to stay inside the X-ray machine which acts as cover. Now go out the door through a caged room up some stairs.

More enemies appear around the catwalks from both sides and the back. Kill them all. There might be one left in the booth on the right. Go over to the booth and make a right out the first set of doors to find a Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher part on the catwalk. Back in the booth is a pain killer. Go to the next set of doors. Max gets through the doors and jams the controller so they don't open. He then takes cover behind a wall with UFE officers walking towards him.

Checkpoint 3
Kill the first enemy and more are down the hall. In the second room on the left is a pain killer. Continue down the hall wiping out the last two enemies hiding behind the corners. Go up and make a right into the bathroom. Continue right and check the stall in front of you for the ex-cop. Go into the far shower next to that for a Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher part. On the other side of the bathroom is a pain killer in an open locker. Go back out into the hallways and go right. Get through both doors into the customer bathroom. There are more pain killers near the end. Grab them and leave. Max sneaks into the terminal as it's being evacuated. He takes cover behind a luggage cart.

Checkpoint 4
Clear the terminal however you can. UFE enemies are everywhere. Some are left, some are right, and one is up on the walkway to the left. Move up and a few more appear on both levels ahead and towards the left. Kill them all and go to the big windows. There is a pain killer behind the desk near the wall of windows. When you approach the split more enemies spawn on the other side. A few are upstairs but run away and then down. Luckily the glass is bullet and explosion proof but has ways to get around: either along the windows or up an escalator on the opposite side. I found it funny to watch the UFE toss grenades at the wall and kill themselves. A couple may get around by the windows.

Go up the escalator on the right and grab a pain killer ahead. Now get to the windows. Go back towards your starting point where an initial enemy was and grab a Golden RPD part. Back at the other end there will either be one enemy left or a bunch entering the area after the last one of the initial wave. Clear them all out. A large gate opens at the end and a few more enter. You know what to do. When they are all dead get downstairs. Behind the farthest desk along the big windows is a pain killer and Golden RPD part. Go to the large gate and activate the button to open it. Max enters to more UFE officers and takes cover.

Checkpoint 5
Kill the three and move up as two more approach so kill them too. Grab the pain killer on the left wall behind some displays, back towards the entrance gate. Keep moving forward to the downward escalators. Two enemies will be running up each side so be ready. Kill them and move down into the tram station. The lights will go out and enemies appear all over the far end. They take cover behind columns and other things. Kill them all and get to the booth at the far end. Grab a pain killer on the right and activate the power switch on the console.

Checkpoint 6
Power gets restored and the trams begin to run again. Exit the booth and the tram on the right opens its doors. Four enemies walk out so be ready and kill them as soon as possible. One will toss a smoke bomb. Now go to the left and do the same with four more off that tram. Get on this one and Max rides out. He tries to relax before the next station but another tram pulls along side with UFE officers shooting away. Max takes cover.

Checkpoint 7
Kill the enemies as the train goes by past columns. This seems difficult at first since the enemies pop in and out of cover too but take your time. The whole other tram will go by before it slows down again so you get round 2. The enemies will also move towards you. Kill them all. The trams exit the tunnel and a helicopter flies overhead. UFE officers hop onto the roof and get inside via a roof hatch. Max takes cover.

Checkpoint 8
Kill the officers ahead of you. One drops a smoke bomb making it very difficult to see them. Wait it out and finish them off. More are farther down the tram as it flexes through turns. With another tram of UFE alongside, Max is now at the front watching a dead end approaching fast. Thinking just as fast, Max leaps over into the other tram. He hits the floor as the UFE gets knocked down from the other tram crashing.

Checkpoint 9
You are put in control so kill the three enemies ahead of you. The train slows down and stops. Grab the three pain killers ahead near the front and then go to the back for a Golden RPD part. Exit the train and Max finds UFE everywhere. He quickly sneaks around past MANY (while commenting on the suicide mission ahead) and gets into the Branco hangar where an airplane is loaded up as Becker stands by. Instead of sneaking in, Max gladly announces his arrival. Becker is wielding a grenade launcher and grabs a riot shield. He and his men get ready for action. Becker gets to the top of a mobile stair set and shoots off a grenade. Max, in cover behind baggage, enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 10
This part sucks - but not so bad if you know not to move away from the baggage cart line. Shoot the grenade out of the air. Now you need to kill all the enemies around (ahead, left, in the door of the plane). A couple vehicles with reinforcements will run into the hangar too. All the while Becker keeps shooting grenades at you periodically. If you stay behind the luggage, the suitcases act as a grenade suppressor. Max will get knocked down but survive. Moving away from the baggage carts will prove fatal. There is a pain killer on the ground to the left.

Eventually the airplane begins to leave. When you kill the last enemy on the ground, Max begins to run. He goes up another mobile stair and leaps into Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 11
Shoot the grenade Becker launches which will then explode near him and send him flying. Becker lands missing his arm and severely injured otherwise. We find ourselves at the opening shot to the game. Max walks up to a dying Becker who crawls along the tarmac. Max stands over him repeating the opening scene dialogue.

Checkpoint 12
Max points his gun at Becker giving you the option of shooting him but just sit back and let him die on his own. Da Silva rolls up in his car, yelling to catch the plane. Max gets in with the grenade launcher and they take off.

Checkpoint 13
Max's health is replaced by the car's health. A group of UFE officers appears on the right. Shoot grenades at them. Remember to aim high with this gun. Ahead four vehicles emerge with a helicopter overhead. Blow them all up. Two [open] barricades of cop cars are ahead. Shoot them as Da Silva drives by. He'll zigzag to avoid bullets making your job a little tougher. One last vehicle and APC are ahead. The APC takes a couple hits. When they are in pieces it's on to the airplane. Max spots the plane on the runway and points Da Silva over.

Checkpoint 14
Shoot at the tail section a couple times and the plane breaks open. It falls flat on the runway in a fiery crash as a 747 aborts its landing overhead. Da Silva and Max pull up. Victor Branco makes his way out of the wreckage and gets on the ground. Max runs over with Da Silva telling him not to kill Victor. He wants Victor to rot in jail. Max ultimately decides that is better and puts his gun away. Victor laughs how he'll walk free. Max stomps his leg to he'll walk with a limp. Victor cries out in agony.

We find Max a week later in Bahia at a beachfront bar. He watches the news on a TV about the 55th UFE precinct being disbanded and learning Victor died in his jail cell via hanging. It's unknown if it was suicide or retribution for all the families he destroyed. Max grabs his bag and walks off watching the sunset. Roll credits.

  • Ex-cop in bathroom of second area hallways

Golden Guns
  • Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher Parts
    • Top of conveyor belt (if you stay on the original belt, it takes you right up to it, just hop up)
    • On upper catwalk of first area, outside doors next to booth
    • In second shower of first bathroom next to ex-cop's stall
  • Golden RPD Parts
    • On walkway of terminal along large windows, near starting point
    • Behind farthest desk along large windows
    • Back of tram after it stops, all the way at the end

Pain Killers
  • In upper booth of first area
  • Second room on left in hallway of second area
  • In locker of first bathroom, opposite ex-cop's side
  • In second bathroom near exit
  • Behind second desk along windows, near the terminal split
  • Top of escalator at terminal split next to security gate
  • On left wall behind displays after leaving large terminal area
  • Control booth for the trams
  • Ahead inside tram when it stops
  • To the left when hiding behind luggage in the hangar


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