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post Feb 16 2005, 02:56 AM
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The Search Tool and You!

Now that you're a member of the GTA-SanAndres forums, you may want to participate in topics. While this is chock full of fun for the whole family, you may feel that something is missing. Perhaps something exciting has happened, or maybe you have a funny story that you'd like to share with your fellow forum friends, or perhaps you have a question. Whenever any of the formentioned occur, you will have to create a new topic. But wait one gosh darn second! Before you ever create a new topic, you should use the SEARCH TOOL!

The search tool is located at the top right corner of the forums between the Help button and the Members button, indicated by a magnifying glass....always. It will never dissapear, or move somewhere else, no matter what topic you are in, the search tool will always be in the TOP RIGHT CORNER.

How to Use the Search Tool

1. Click the Search Tool button.

2. This brings you to the SEARCH PAGE

3. You can search by "keywords" or by a members name.

"KEYWORDS" are specific words in a topic that you are looking for.

Example: Timmy wants to talk about his new puppy dog. He knows to search for a topic about puppy dogs first so he does a keyword search for "DOGS".

4. Now you can tell the search engine what forum you would like to search. You can search all the forums, or a specifc one. You can even weed out old topics or exclude new ones! The choice is yours!

It is best to search topics from ANY DATE to make sure you will not be making a duplicate topics.

5. Once you've customized your search so it best fits your needs, click the PERFORM THE SEARCH button.

6. Next, if the search engine found any matches, it will display them.

7. If you did not find a topic that is about what you would like to talk about, then AND ONLY THEN can you make a new topic.

IT'S THAT SIMPLE! The search button is your new best friend!


Remember kids, for every time someone doesnt use the search button, one porn site dissappears forever!

Board FAQ

Written By P4yn3, Approved by the Moderators/Admin

All the old FAQs/guides are gone so I decided to write one up:

Q: Who created the site/boards?
A: Vendetta designed the site's layout, and Psy coded it.

Q: Where can I contact Psy?

Psy@GTA-Sanandreas.com(Miscellanious questions that fit into no other category)

Affiliates@GTA-SanAndreas.com (For linking purposes, only specific sites are choosen)

News@GTA-SanAndreas.com (News and/or articles from magazines can be sent here if they are not already on the site)

Submissions@GTA-SanAndreas.com (Submissions of fake/fan-made images can be sent here)

Questions@GTA-SanAndreas.com (Any questions you have about the site, please use the IPB Image feature in the top-right corner first)

Q: Why ask for donations?
A: The site's obviously grown bigger than Psy thought it would. He not only has to pay for all the images, video clips and overall layout of the site he also has to deal with the immense number of users that log on everyday, each posting images. If you would like to donate, Click Here

Update: The site is now on the SoccerGaming server, so does not require any more donations as far as staying open is concerned. However, if you would like to contribute something as a token of appreciation, please consider purchasing the Gold Member Upgrade.

Q: How do I post pictures/images?
A: There's 2 ways to post an image, the first way is to post images that you have found on the internet. The second way is to upload pictures on your computer:

1) First, find the image you want and right-click, then select, " Properties ".
IPB Image

Then copy the URL you see (highlight it, and press, " Ctrl+C)
IPB Image

After you have the image URL copied; create a new post and click on the, " IMG " button. A pop-up will appear asking you what the URL is, paste the URL.
IPB Image

-Posting & You-
Here are some general tips on what to do and what NOT to do.

1. Don't type in all-caps!
95% of the time, no one will care to read what you posted or you'll get flamed. Don't do it. Keep these posts in the spam board if you really must do it.

2. Don't post in the wrong board!
Make sure you stick to the subject of each board. Making a thread/post that is different from the board description is called, " off-topic " and is taken fairly seriously. Often, the R&R board will be mistaken for General. Make sure all political debates and subjects of that kind are in R&R because 99.9% of the time, they'll end in a flame-war.

Update: Now all political/world issues topics should be posted in the new Political/World Issues forum.

3. Don't dis-respect the mods/admins!
Even a simple joke can be dangerous. Not all moderators are nice. They aid with the running of the site and the upkeep of the forums for free, and respect costs nothing. This is not to say you can slag off ordinary members as you like, though!

4. Don't flame!
Flaming is annoying and stupid. Try and stay away from one that's already occuring. Or just battle it out in R&R, personal insults are also stupid. Don't do it.

5. Don't post topics that already exist!
If you found a new screenshot, or magazine article. Make sure you use the IPB Image button, it's quite amazing really rolleyes.gif . Also, if you thought of something, " cool " that you think the whole world needs to know, please, also search it. Chances are, you'll get flamed if it's 2 weeks old.

6. Don't be stupid!
Please, try and use proper grammar if possible. Capitals at the beginning, periods at the end. Totallu unintellegable or unreadable posts will be removed unless posted in The Asylum.

7. Don't rape the emoticon feature!
Example: ph34r.gif clap.gif smile.gif . This is extremely annoying, try and keep a limit of no more than 1 emoticon per line AT LEAST!

8. Don't make your signature/avatar bigger than the limits!
Avatar Limits: 100x100 (with MAX file size of 75kb)
Signature Limits: No more than 550x200 (with MAX file size of 250kb)

Big avatars screw up the way the forum's were designed and huge signatures are annoying and can stretch the page more than it should affecting posts and being overall annoying!

The file size limits are in place so users with slower connections can load pages at a decent rate whilst still viewing other member's signatures and avatars. Remember, just because you have a fast broadband connection it doesn't mean everyone else has.

For help on changing your profile settings, Click Here, and the Board Rules can be found Here.

Enjoy yourselves.

-Thanks to P4yn3

Made a few updates to it to comply with some new rules, etc - EMBO

Further updates to comply with new rules, plus a couple of broken images have been fixed - DuffMan

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