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> Part 1, Chapter IV - Anyone Can Buy Me A Drink
post Mar 8 2013, 12:11 AM
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Checkpoint 1
Max and Raul Passos flee the stadium in their helicopter without the girl and without the money. Passos comments how trouble seems to find them and Max flashes back a few months ago to how Passos found him. We see Max in a Hoboken, New Jersey bar. Some young guidos enter and try to get the party started Ė plus annoy Max some more. The leader of the group is the son of a wealthy drug dealer. Max returns some comments and gets a gun put in his face. After a tense standoff Passos enters with his own gun and gets the group to leave. He reminds Max who he is and that heís recruiting for personal security in Brazil.

Max takes in some more drinks and the guidos return. They arenít too happy about the previous conversation but Passos isnít scared as well as some random drunk girl. After she takes a pistol bluntly to her head, Max lines up a shot and enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 2
Pull the trigger and Max comments that he isnít sure why he did it. The remaining guidos scatter into the back and Max takes cover in a booth.

Checkpoint 3
Clear out the enemies in front of you. One is up high on a balcony in the next room. Check behind the bar counter for pain killers and a Golden 1911 part near the front door which is barred to force Max through the back. Move towards the billiards table. Go up stairs to find another Golden 1911 part. Make your way back down and out the door at the back of the room. Go down the stairs and meet up with Passos.

Checkpoint 4
A few enemies are ahead of you and more are to the left in the kitchen area. There is a window to shoot those guys before going around (there are two waves). Kill them all. Grab the pain killers on the counter next to the window and move around to the kitchen. Continue through the storage room and out the doors. Max and Passos sneak up the stairs and find two cars plus more guidos waiting.

Checkpoint 5
Take them all out however you can. The cars can explode to make things easy. Reinforcements run in from the alleyway in the back. When they are all dead, go back down the stairs to grab the Golden 1911 part. Head towards the alleyway. Max and Passos are faced with more cars. Max takes cover behind a wall as Passos goes to the roof of a building.

Checkpoint 6
Clear the alleyway however you can. If you hit the cars just right they will explode. Max and Passos head to Maxís apartment around the corner.

Checkpoint 7
At the apartment, Passos tries to convince Max to join him in personal security. A ritzy car pulls up with an older gentleman yelling orders to surround the place. Max identifies him as Anthony De Marco Ė father of the guido he shot in the bar. Max and Passos take off.

Checkpoint 8
Passos sprints through a hallway of lasers and Max is left behind. Check out Max's apartment to find a Golden M500 part and examine his badge. There are pain killers in the kitchen and bathroom. A few enemies appear down the hall in addition to all the green lasers. Get through the hallway by dodging the shots or taking out the gunners along the way. Max gets to the end but finds a locked door. Right as an enemy approaches Max from the left, a crazy old war veteran shoots him to pieces from his doorway. After some mumbling about not being afraid he walks off. Max spots the war vet across the way as more enemies run in. All of a sudden the war vet (named Brewer) suicide bombs them.

Once again Max is left in the hallway. Go into Brewer's apartment where there are pain killers, his journal and newspaper clippings to examine. Head over to the destruction and find your way out to the right. Be careful of the lasers again if you didn't get them already. Go into the gutted apartment to find a Golden GSAF 40 Cal part. Head up the stairs and onto the roof.

Checkpoint 9
A few enemies are waiting ahead. Take them out plus the two off to the right. Make a U-turn and go behind the roof access you came out of to find another Golden M500 part. Go back towards where the enemies were and hop up onto the next roof. Even more are on the roof of the next building on your left. Hop down and keep moving forward while taking out additional enemies. There's a small yellow propane tank laying near the end.

Get onto the roof access stairwell (the ramp) on the left and run up to the next roof. Keep going and Max finds himself standing over a water tank. He hops onto it as more enemies appear on another roof below. They donít notice Max until he slips and grabs onto the tankís roof. The gunners begin shooting the tank supports and it begins to fall.

Checkpoint 10
Max enters Bullet Time as the tank falls and itís up to you to clear the landing. Make sure you kill all of them or else Max will be finished. After climbing up, Passos appears and leads the way across the rooftops.

Checkpoint 11
Go left (opposite of Passos) and go towards the picnic table. In the back behind a roof access is a Golden SAF 40 Cal part. Catch up with Passos through another crashed water tower and into a wrecked apartment building.

Checkpoint 12
Passos will take cover to avoid shots coming from the next room on the right. Clear the enemies out and move up. Make your way through the broken walls and to the back-left.

Checkpoint 13
Go up the stairs and youíll find more enemies scattered around a busted apartment. When theyíre all dead you can find some pain killers on a box towards the right, next to a light. There's also a Golden M500 part near the stairs in the outer scaffolding. Meet up with Passos. The two head down the fire escape and onto the roof of a chop shop garage. They bust through the skylight causing the mechanics to flee while more enemies enter. Max and Passos find cover as you are put in control.

Checkpoint 14
Take out all the enemies however you wish. You can trigger an explosion by shooting the tank in between the garage doors on the right. The lifted car on the left can also be brought down by shooting the controller on the side. More enemies will run in to take the place of those who fall. Be sure to check the office on the right for a Golden SAF 40 Cal part and a pain killer. Follow Passos through a gate and youíll be faced with more enemies through the fencing.

Checkpoint 15
Go around to the right and be careful not to get overpowered. There are plenty of bullets flying your way in this final gun fight. There is a small propane tank on the ground next to an armchair. Max and Passos find a locked gate but hop over.

  • Max's badge in his apartment
  • Brewer's journal
  • Newspaper clippings in Brewer's apartment

Golden Guns
  • Golden 1911 Parts
    • Near front door of bar
    • Upstairs of the bar overlooking billiards table
    • Bottom of bar's rear stairs
  • Golden M500 Parts
    • Max's apartment
    • Behind roof access Max uses
    • Outer scaffolding of upper apartment (second building), near the stairs you use
  • Golden SAF 40 Cal Parts
    • Destroyed apartment next to stairs
    • On the roof, way in the back near a picnic table, opposite the way Passos runs
    • Garage office

Pain Killers
  • Pain killers behind bar counter
  • Pain killers on counter in downstairs area
  • Pain killers on Max's kitchen counter and in bathroom
  • Pain killers in Brewer's apartment
  • Pain killers on box near light of upper broken apartment
  • Pain killer in garage office

  • TV in Brewer's apartment

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