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> Part 3, Chapter XI - Sun Tan Oil, Stale Margaritas And Greed
post Mar 8 2013, 12:25 AM
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Checkpoint 1
With Da Silva looking on, Max flashes back a couple months ago to Panama where Max, Passos, and Marcelo are on a yacht at the Panama Canal. Most people are enjoying themselves dancing around. In the bar Max tells Passos that it's pretty much like New Jersey with the surgery, tans, music, and drugs. Max and Marcelo get acquainted with each other since this is Max's second gig working with Passos. The boat appears to belong to a woman named Daphne.

Marcelo pulls Passos aside and asks about a truck. Max walks by saying he needs to lay down. He goes downstairs to take a nap. He wakes up to an alarm and men yelling outside the room. Max pokes his head out only to find trouble again. Armed gunmen enter the hallway and Max takes cover in the doorway.

Checkpoint 2
Kill the gunmen. More are down the hall in a cafeteria. There's a pain killer in Max's bathroom. Make your way towards the enemies. They will be hiding behind various things including the separate kitchen area, more towards the right. A couple reinforcements run in from the back doorway. Kill him. Go back to the rooms and examine a note in the one across from Max's room. Next door to Max is Passos' room. Examine his bed. The room nearest the cafeteria, opposite side of Max and Passos, has a pain killer in the bathroom.

Go back into the kitchen pantry to find a Golden Super Sport part. Then go out the back door of the kitchen and walk over to a radio console with TV screens. If you look out the porthole windows, you'll notice there is no sunshine. Before Max can do anything with the radio, he sees an enemy in a door nearby. The guy almost enters but gets distracted. Head over to the door. Max carefully enters the engine room. He needs to find a way up to the deck. A small group of gunmen are talking at the far end of the engine room in front of a door. Max sneaks into position and heads right at them - causing them to take notice.

Checkpoint 3
Kill the enemies. Various tanks and hoses get hit in the crossfire. Right after the last enemy drops, the engines explode in series and blow Max back. Get up and Max comments that the fire is sucking up the oxygen. Run around and activate the fuel shut off valves on two of the engines. The first is in the middle on the left. The other is back towards the starting point on the right. With the valves closed the fires go out. The doors in the front open. In control, two enemies appear at the doorway. Kill them and move in where there is plenty of water related equipment. The doors will close behind you.

Checkpoint 4
Walk through the middle and Max exclaims that it's the Panama Canal. Keep going straight and examine the blood on the wood deck while taking in the view. Turn either way and go up the stairs. On the upper deck you'll see a girl screaming as she runs but gets gunned down on the opposite side. Kill the enemies above you on the next couple levels. When they are dead, go to the right side and find a Golden Super Sport part. Enter the blue windowed room and grab the pain killer before going through the door. Max sneaks up to find some armed men pulling apart a wall. He gets into cover behind a chair.

Checkpoint 5
Take out the three enemies. One more comes out of the bar on the left. Move forward and examine the newspaper on the table then the pried open wall. Whatever they wanted was already gone. Move into the main bedroom and out into the hallway. Go into the first room on the right and examine Daphne's passport on the floor behind the desk. Go through the doorway into the next part and find a pain killer in the bathroom. If you make any noise you'll hear voices yelling.

In the second room are three enemies. One is hiding behind the bed and the other two are in the long bathroom. Making noise previously puts two of them waiting for you in the room. The third will run in after. Kill all three. Right outside the bathroom is a jewelry box to examine. Why would they leave these alone but search for something else? Continue down the hall through a door. Keep moving and you'll end up at the front of the boat.

Checkpoint 6
Enemies jump over the railings so be ready. Kill them and move up. More are on the deck behind you as a few more hop on board. A couple are inside behind windows. Wipe them out and head that way. Get past the bloody jacuzzi into the bar. Go through towards the TV. There's a pain killer on the left-hand table. Go out the door and be ready for a shitfest.

Checkpoint 7
Up on the walls of the canal a good amount of enemies are waiting. One runs out on the far left, another pulls up in a truck (can blow it up or shoot into the windows), and a bunch more are at the right end running towards you. Each has a powerful weapon and good aim. The easiest way to get through this part is to sprint and get into the next doorway. Don't bother shooting at any of them except maybe the first one or two. A helicopter also flies by.

Kill the enemies along the canal however you can. Use the doorway as cover if you wish. More will run in from the right. I found it somewhat easy to crouch and slowly move towards the windows until I could see their legs. Shooting their legs makes their torso fall into view for a finishing shot. Go up the stairs where more are waiting on a helipad and around a food area. Kill them all.

Checkpoint 8
When the initial wave is dead, the automatic roll up door in the middle will open to show two enemies. Kill them as the door goes back down. It will go up again if they are still alive. Go into the next room and the two doors ahead will open with an enemy waiting for you behind them. Kill him and a couple more are in the next area up the small set of stairs - the bridge. When they are dead Move up. Make a right before entering the doors and grab the pain killers on the console. Go across to the left side and knock the painting off the wall. Behind it the safe will open to reveal a Golden AK-47 part. Go into the bridge.

Max spots Passos and Marcelo loading something into a truck. He runs over and tries to figure out what's going on. They want to leave but Max wants to find Daphne. Passos agrees and leads Max across the canal to a tower where armed men are using a zip-line across the next canal. The two take cover behind a metal box.

Checkpoint 9
Take out the enemies around the tower. There's a scoped rifle and pain killer to your left. The second pickup has the same. When the first wave is dead Passos moves up as another wave of guns spreads out. Kill them all. This is another hard part. Best way I found was to grab the scoped rifle plus pain killer and take cover behind the truck. Sneak out to the left and kill the enemies from there. When they are all dead Passos moves up again to the tower with Max following. They take cover at the tower's large doorway as more enemies are seen inside.

Checkpoint 10
Kill the two enemies coming down the stairs. Passos will tell you to move in. Instead, go back past the pickups and to the right of the building for a Golden AK-47 part. Grab the pain killers if you haven't already. Go inside the tower with Passos and grab the pain killer on the right before going up the stairs. In the office at the top are three enemies. One runs out the door but the others head towards you - one to the right and one to the left. Kill them and go out the door. Max goes around to see an enemy taking off on the zip-line. Max hops on him and beats him. He then grabs the gun and enters Bullet Time.

Checkpoint 11
Shoot the enemies ahead at the Visitor Center. There are four in the open and one coming up the stairs near the end. When they are dead Max drops off and takes cover. Shoot the two enemies ahead of you and one behind a counter inside the doors on the left. Another is in the doors off to the right. When they are dead go to the far right of the building where there is a Golden Super Sport part. Enter the nearest doors and grab the pain killers on the left. Head into the lobby and grab another pain killer behind the desk then activate the security door.

Checkpoint 12
Go through the newly opened door near the entrance. An enemy will pop out from around the corner so be ready. Kill him and move around. More are in the back of the next area up the stairs. Kill them and move forward. Go right and down some exterior stairs to find a Golden AK-47 part. Continue into a display area where two more enemies are. Kill them and go down the walkway where another pops out from a theater so get him too. Go up the stairs and to the left is an enemy waiting. Kill him plus another that runs towards you. When they are dead go back into a restroom area for pain killers.

Head up the stairs. A couple enemies shoot through the glass on your left. Kill them or they run towards the next room. Go into the museum. One will come around and the other hangs in the next walkway. After they are dead one more pops out down the walkway. Go back into the museum and examine a display. Head out the second walkway towards the offices. Up the stairs you'll see a bloody trail on the floor. Max moves ahead and looks out a pair of doors. He walks out to find a pile of dead bodies including Daphne.

  • Note about Max, in room across the hall from his own
  • Passos' bed next door to Max's room
  • Blood trail on wood deck at the back of the boat
  • Newspaper on table of room with pried open wall
  • Pried wall
  • Passport behind desk in first room after main bedroom
  • Jewelry box in second room after main bedroom
  • Museum display

Golden Guns
  • Golden Super Sport Parts
    • Kitchen pantry
    • To the right of the gym, outside
    • Far right of Visitor Center after zip-line
  • Golden AK-47 Parts
    • Before boat's bridge, in a safe behind a painting on the left
    • Right side of building opposite canal tower
    • Exterior Visitor Center stairs after opening security gate and going up

Pain Killers
  • In Max's bathroom
  • Bathroom of room nearest to kitchen, opposite side of Max's
  • In the gym near the back of the boat
  • In bathroom of first room after main bedroom
  • On table in room with TV, past the bar
  • Right-hand console after automatic roll up door
  • Tailgate of both pickups below canal tower
  • Inside canal tower on right
  • Far right room of Visitor Center at the front
  • Restroom area upstairs past theater


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