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> Max Payne 3 Collectibles Guide (Clues and Golden Guns)
post Mar 8 2013, 12:44 AM
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Max Payne 3 Clues

Chapter I
  • Checkpoint 2: Celebrity magazine on table inside apartment
  • Checkpoint 6: Dropped photo on the ground in parking garage, bottom of the ramp up to the next level

Chapter II
  • Checkpoint 2: Claudio's body in VIP lounge
  • Checkpoint 2: Nightclub flyer on VIP bar counter
  • Checkpoint 4: Ex-cop in middle bathroom door after large club area
  • Checkpoint 4: Torn dress piece adjacent to next set of doors
  • Checkpoint 5: Newspaper on kitchen counter
  • Checkpoint 14: Necklace on floor in stairwell after rooftop fun

Chapter III
  • Checkpoint 3: Picture of Victor in office off of training room
  • Checkpoint 3: Blood stain on doors next to the elevator after the training room
  • Checkpoint 7: Blood on column in lobby
  • Checkpoint 10: Memorial to Claudio in VIP lounge

Chapter IV
  • Checkpoint 8: Max's badge in his apartment
  • Checkpoint 8: Brewer's journal
  • Checkpoint 8: Newspaper clippings in Brewer's apartment

Chapter V
  • Checkpoint 2: Parked helicopter next to building
  • Checkpoint 4: Ransom note
  • Checkpoint 6: Camera in room where Fabiana was held
  • Checkpoint 7: Bronco family photo in boat shop office
  • Checkpoint 8: Newspaper under stairs in boathouse
  • Checkpoint 8: Floor plans of nightclub in boathouse office

Chapter VI
  • Checkpoint 2: Email on Victor's laptop in his office, near entrance doors
  • Checkpoint 2: File on Fabiana on Victor's desk
  • Checkpoint 3: First architecture model in board room
  • Checkpoint 6: School pictures in hallway between Rodrigo's office and the main lobby
  • Checkpoint 11: IT guy's body in the inferno

Chapter VII
  • Checkpoint 4: Ex-cop again inside the green "Angels of the Hill" building among the favelas near the bar
  • Checkpoint 6: Serrano picture left by Da Silva
  • Checkpoint 6: Tourist in room on the right in bar's hallway
  • Checkpoint 8: Gang tag (Filhos) next to padlocked doors of warehouse
  • Checkpoint 11: Gang tag (Tropa-Z) on wall after red gates, right before the stairs
  • Checkpoint 12: Claudio shrine in top of hill area after dropping down
  • Checkpoint 12: Giovanna flyer on ground before entering graffiti door
  • Checkpoint 14: Oxidado bags inside house
  • Checkpoint 15: Gang tag (Comando Sombra) after firework show

Chapter VIII
  • Checkpoint 4: Valerie's tombstone in the upper grave area on the right, near back
  • Checkpoint 7: Nicole's mausoleum located in the inner area of circular site to the left, darker door
  • Checkpoint 10: Vinnie's tombstone in graveyard above morgue entrance, near starting point

Chapter IX
  • Checkpoint 2: Gang Member's body in first house
  • Checkpoint 4: UFE officer's body along the walkway after raided house
  • Checkpoint 8: Resident's body after he dies from interrogation, in front of leopard mural

Chapter X
  • Checkpoint 4: Newspaper in office of fuel pump area, next to gate
  • Checkpoint 9: Ad campaign poster in hallway under offices

Chapter XI
  • Checkpoint 2: Note about Max, in room across the hall from his own
  • Checkpoint 2: Passos' bed next door to Max's room
  • Checkpoint 4: Blood trail on wood deck at the back of the boat
  • Checkpoint 5: Newspaper on table of room with pried open wall
  • Checkpoint 5: Pried wall
  • Checkpoint 5: Passport behind desk in first room after main bedroom
  • Checkpoint 5: Jewelry box in second room after main bedroom
  • Checkpoint 12: Museum display

Chapter XII
  • Checkpoint 2: Gurney in furnace room
  • Checkpoint 2: Ammo crate in storage room past furnace
  • Checkpoint 4: Photos on right wall past collapsed floor
  • Checkpoint 4: Photocopy of Passos' ID card near photos
  • Checkpoint 6: Newspaper on bar counter inside rooftop cafe
  • Checkpoint 8: Donation receipt on shelf in arsenal closet

Chapter XIII
  • Checkpoint 3: Tourist in jail cell, near middle to the left after passing through a couple cells
  • Checkpoint 4: Prison log on laptop, back room after jail cell area
  • Checkpoint 7: Promissory note, on middle-back desk in room across from employee cafeteria
  • Checkpoint 9: Laptop with file on Da Silva in a back office after stuck elevator
  • Checkpoint 9: Folder with intel on AUP in the middle-right office after stuck elevator
  • Checkpoint 9: Slideshow in briefing room (go to podium)
  • Checkpoint 15: Flak vest after weapon cache, same room as button for security doors

Chapter XIV
  • Checkpoint 3: Ex-cop in bathroom of second area hallways

Max Payne 3 Golden Guns

Chapter I
  • Golden PT92 Parts
    • Checkpoint 2: Far end of hallway outside the apartment
    • Checkpoint 4: Corner of big lobby with columns near windows
    • Checkpoint 6: Corner of parking garage opposite ramp up to the next level

Chapter II
  • Golden Mini-30 Parts
    • Checkpoint 3: Behind VIP bar
    • Checkpoint 6: Inner area of round-shaped room
    • Checkpoint 14: Room under helipad
  • Golden .38 Revolver Parts
    • Checkpoint 3: DJ booth next to dance floor
    • Checkpoint 4: DJ booth of large club area
    • Checkpoint 14: End of catwalk behind large lit up sign

Chapter III
  • Golden M10 Parts
    • Checkpoint 4: AV room next to injured gang member
    • Checkpoint 8: Nearest bottom corner of first stands area
    • Checkpoint 10: VIP lounge on seat looking at field
  • Golden M82A1 Parts
    • Checkpoint 6: In store on a shelf under a picture of the team
    • Checkpoint 11: Complete opposite tunnel of upper stands (farthest from enemy sniper)
    • Checkpoint 14: Far right of stands when under sniper

Chapter IV
  • Golden 1911 Parts
    • Checkpoint 3: Near front door of bar
    • Checkpoint 3: Upstairs of the bar overlooking billiards table
    • Checkpoint 5: Bottom of bar's rear stairs
  • Golden M500 Parts
    • Checkpoint 8: Max's apartment
    • Checkpoint 9: Behind roof access Max uses
    • Checkpoint 13: Outer scaffolding of upper apartment (second building), near the stairs you use
  • Golden SAF 40 Cal Parts
    • Checkpoint 8: Destroyed apartment next to stairs
    • Checkpoint 11: On the roof, way in the back near a picnic table, opposite the way Passos runs
    • Checkpoint 14: Garage office

Chapter V
  • Golden Micro 9MM Parts
    • Checkpoint 5: On top of containers after supply warehouse
    • Checkpoint 6: On ground next to gate on right after place where Fabiana was kept
    • Checkpoint 7: Upstairs of boat shop at end of walkway
  • Golden LMG .30 Parts
    • Checkpoint 8: In container behind boathouse
    • Checkpoint 9: In shack near docks, across from trailer
    • Checkpoint 10: Far side of first (non-enterable) booth in middle of docks, before the gate

Chapter VI
  • Golden MD-97L Parts
    • Checkpoint 2: First office on left, near entrance doors
    • Checkpoint 6: In front of waterfall under Rodrigo's office
    • Checkpoint 8: In main lobby on scale model

Chapter VII
  • Golden Sawn-Off Parts
    • Checkpoint 6: In bathroom off of bar, near billiards table
    • Checkpoint 10: Outside warehouse office towards the wall
    • Checkpoint 16: In left-hand nook after first ambush near Serrano's place
  • Golden Spaz-15 Parts
    • Checkpoint 10: In corner of area across from warehouse office
    • Checkpoint 11: On right behind some wood after red gates
    • Checkpoint 12: Top of hill area, behind upper part you drop from

Chapter VIII
  • Golden Auto 9MM Parts
    • Checkpoint 4: On ground to the right of statue atop raised area (grenade launcher part)
    • Checkpoint 6: Right wing of circular courtyard
    • Checkpoint 10: In garage near morgue
  • Golden 608 Bull Parts
    • Checkpoint 5: Behind monument near van
    • Checkpoint 7: Center of circular area after saving Passos
    • Checkpoint 11: Front of church where you take cover

Chapter IX
  • Golden DE .50 Parts
    • Checkpoint 4: Bottom porch of house UFE raids
    • Checkpoint 9: Behind tires at fence after first seeing UFE prisoner convoy
    • Checkpoint 10: In lit room across footbridge, right before the drop
  • Golden M972 Parts
    • Checkpoint 5: Shower of woman's home
    • Checkpoint 8: On left past gate after sliding down roof into building
    • Checkpoint 9: Left-hand area at fence after first seeing UFE prisoner convoy

Chapter X
  • Golden FAL Parts
    • Checkpoint 3: In half bus shell on far right of junk yard
    • Checkpoint 8: Inside bus in third room of shop, after getting down from walkway
    • Checkpoint 9: In security room under offices
  • Golden M4 Super 90 Parts
    • Checkpoint 5: In storage room of shop
    • Checkpoint 7: On counter behind lifted bus in corner
    • Checkpoint 9: Corner office upstairs of break room

Chapter XI
  • Golden Super Sport Parts
    • Checkpoint 2: Kitchen pantry
    • Checkpoint 4: To the right of the gym, outside
    • Checkpoint 11: Far right of Visitor Center after zip-line
  • Golden AK-47 Parts
    • Checkpoint 8: Before boat's bridge, in a safe behind a painting on the left
    • Checkpoint 10: Right side of building opposite canal tower
    • Checkpoint 12: Exterior Visitor Center stairs after opening security gate and going up

Chapter XII
  • Golden RPG Parts
    • Checkpoint 3: In bathroom after taking elevator
    • Checkpoint 5: Room on right in upstairs hallway
    • Checkpoint 10: Second floor while planting C4, back corner at windows
  • Golden FMP G3S Parts
    • Checkpoint 4: Hallway near collapsed floor.
    • Checkpoint 6: Behind counter before entering rooftop pool area
    • Checkpoint 7: In middle-right room after doctor, behind armchair

Chapter XIII
  • Golden MPK Parts
    • Checkpoint 3: First left after leaving interrogation room area
    • Checkpoint 7: Male officer shower room, left off of gym
    • Checkpoint 7: In room to left of security room, after cafeteria
  • Golden Law Parts
    • Checkpoint 3: In shower of jail cell area
    • Checkpoint 5: Corner of police parking garage
    • Checkpoint 17: On left in gun range after training simulation room
  • Golden G6 Commando Parts
    • Checkpoint 6: Behind small outside wall to the right, after parking garage stairs
    • Checkpoint 7: Kitchen of employee cafeteria, after the gym
    • Checkpoint 7: In room far right of security room, after cafeteria

Chapter XIV
  • Golden Rotary Grenade Launcher Parts
    • Checkpoint 2: Top of conveyor belt (if you stay on the original belt, it takes you right up to it, just hop up)
    • Checkpoint 2: On upper catwalk of first area, outside doors next to booth
    • Checkpoint 3: In second shower of first bathroom next to ex-cop's stall
  • Golden RPD Parts
    • Checkpoint 4: On walkway of terminal along large windows, near starting point
    • Checkpoint 4: Behind farthest desk along large windows
    • Checkpoint 9: Back of tram after it stops, all the way at the end

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