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Hidden content? Dildos and bras.

online Lady_Rott asks...
So I've read about hidden content in GTAIV on other sites and haven't been able to find them. Apparently there are purple dildos hidden in several places on the map in warehouses, etc. Also, in the Modo clothing store they say that while a woman works there, kill her, stand over her and wait an hour in the game (1 min). You should hear a sound if you did it right. Go back to your safehouse and you'll have a bra you can wear in your closet. I found this on CheatCC.com. However, there's never a woman working there. Anyone know anything about this?

Official Admin Answer

online TreeFitty answers...
The purple dildo can be found sticking out of garbage piles in a few spots. I believe there is one in an Algonquin alley that is north of the bridge to Alderney (under the roadways along the water, North Holland district).

As for Modo, I can't find anything credible and a few things saying it is fake. I would agree and say that it is false.
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