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Freefall Trophy

online GTA5 asks...
How can I get the freefall trophy? I keep jumping out of the helicopter & living but i don't get the trophy is there something i'm not doing?

Official Admin Answer

online TreeFitty answers...
Take a helicopter as high as it will go, out over water. Then bail out and you need to pull your parachute before hitting the water. It seems that the chute needs to be fully open.

Your height is shown by a black line across your radar/minimap. A trick I found online was to pull the chute when the tips of that line hit the edge of the radar.

It took me a few tries. I used the gold Buzzard and bailed near that helipad to easily re-do.

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online GTA5 answers...
Still can't get it O-(
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Still can't get it O-(
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