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Welcome to iGrandTheftAuto.com's Chat Room. Here you can chat in real time to fellow GTA fans from around the world. We'll also be using this chat room for events such as quizzes, so stay tuned.

You will need JAVA installed, and you'll need to accept the message that pops up about trusting the application. We have a few rules and some information which you can read a little below the chat.

Click here for our Chat Room Rules & Information

iGrandTheftAuto Chat Room
iGrandTheftAuto Chat Room - Rules & Information

Chat Room Rules & Information


  • Your username for the chat is automatically detected based on the account you're logged into. If you're a guest, you'll have a bunch of random numbers after your username which will be "Guest".
  • If your username is under 4 characters in length, by default, an "i" will be added to the start of your name (e.g. iPsy) as the IRC server does not allow names under 4 chars.
  • You can change your username at any point typing on a new line (with no space at the beginning), /nick <user>, obviously replacing <user> with your preferred name. Note that if connecting using the applet above, your nick will be reset each time you connect.

Windowed Chat

  • Click the Maximize button at the top right of the chat window to open the chat in a window so that you can browse the site while you chat!

Connection Details

  • This Java applet is automatically set up to connect to irc.freenode.net, #igrandtheftauto. Freenode is a public IRC network that anyone can connect to using an IRC client. If you are a regular user of this channel, you might find it more convenient to connect this way. Below are links for the most popular IRC clients.


Mac OS X


Freenode provides a full FAQ and connection guide on its website, which is available here. User guides are available on each developer's website. Any further questions should be posted on our forums.

Note that registration to the network is not required, however if you wish to keep your name so that no one can steal it, you can do so using the instructions available on the Freenode website (see above).

General Rules

  • No flooding the channel. This means spamming the room with many lines of text in a short space of time. Do not copy and paste large walls of text if it will take up more than five lines; link to it instead. Do not spam links to external sites, either.
  • No flaming or trolling. Insulting or provoking other users in the channel will not be tolerated and will result in a swift kick/ban/kickban from the chat.
  • Links to 18+ material must be accompanied by a relevant NSFW (not safe for work) warning.
  • No discussion of warez, cracks or serial numbers.
  • No use of scripts without explicit permission from a channel operator.
  • And lastly...
  • The staff's decision on all matters is final. Staff are operators in the channel, identified by the @ symbol prefix on the user list. They have the ability to kick and ban users from the channel as they wish with no prior warning. However, if you believe you have been kicked or banned without breaking any rules, contact DuffMan on the forums.
  • We look forward to seeing you around!