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Eugene Festival

online §ynchposted 3204 Days Agoviews 452 Viewscomments 1 Comments
So I have a friend who lives up in Oregon.
He invited me to stay over the 3 day holiday weekend,
and we went to the end of summer festival in Eugene.

The theme this year was "Strange you can believe in".
Pretty funny considering our new president.
[ A pun on Change you can believe in ]


Eugene is like a throw back to the 70's, kind of a
hippie tie-dye scene. As with all festivals there is
killer food, art, babes, crafts, more babes, and music.
I'm a meat fiend and the teryaki chicken and tri-tip
was off the hook good, just great tasting animal flesh.
Babes everywhere, young, hot, beautiful, babes.

One thing I really enjoyed was the classic cars lined
on one of the streets. Everything from muscle cars to
vintage hot rods, all in shining chrome and pristine
condition. No bikes, but quite a few rides from the
1930's and 40's, on up to the 1960's classic muscle
cars like the SS Chevelle, Mustangs, T-Birds, Cudas,
Chargers and Challengers, GTO's, and even Corvettes.
Not really a low rider scene so there was only like
one Impala, but it looked awesome as well. Some of
guys put their blood sweat and tears into these cars.
One guy who looked about 60 or 70 years old had his
vintage hot rod with a photo of him with it, the red
Model T was the Hot Rod Magazine car of the year in
like 1959 or something, so the guy was like 19 or 20
in the picture and he's kept it maintained all these years.

Eugene blocks off like a few city blocks each year
for this end of summer festival and from reading the
program they started doing it in 1986.
online TheAnalogKid2112activity 3204 Days Ago
That's incredible. Sounds like a really fun festival.
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