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black and blue - ouch #2

online §ynchposted 2845 Days Agoviews 641 Viewscomments 4 Comments
Damn now the whole top of the foot is black and blue.
It just looks like the toe cables and tendons is
messing up the top foot but the toe is totally
black and blue. Still hurts like hell. Meh.
Maybe it will heal mutated. Like stronger er something.

online TreeFittyactivity 2845 Days Ago
online demonactivity 2752 Days Ago
I'm sorry to read this. This was a long time ago, how did it heal?
online §ynchactivity 2745 Days Ago
It healed crooked.
Now it's like the "fat toe" L0L.


^Left foot
online demonactivity 2745 Days Ago

Well, if it works and does not hurt, thats the important thing. The aftermath of a torture session. mellow.gif
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