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online §ynchposted 3155 Days Agoviews 483 Viewscomments 2 Comments
Last night before going to sleep, I was walking
from the bedroom door to my closet door, and in
full swing slammed the left foot head on into the
hard wood bed pedestal. I thought my 4th toe was
broken for sure. After yelling FUCK and holding
it on the bed I looked at it and the 4th toe was
pointing left. I'm like great, no health insurance.

While this may be a simple trip to the hospital
for any other member in any other country, we have
to have medical insurance to get treated. It didn't
seem broken but I pushed it back and taped it up
to the other two toes. Looking online this morning,
seems they don't do much for a broken finger or toe,
in worse cases insert a metal pin.

Now it's all black and blue, and the top of the foot
where the tendons connect is bruised as well.
It looks like it was severely sprained, might have
been dislocated. Now it's all swollen up, guess I'll
be off my feet for a few weeks.

This sucks, and hurts like hell.
online demonactivity 3061 Days Ago
That fucking hurts.
online RamzKillaactivity 3060 Days Ago
I had that happen to my pinky finger four times in one year. I went to the hospital once and sat there for nine hours, never went back since broken fingers & toes is a pointless reason too go. I mean all they gave me was a piece of flexible metal that I took off less then an hour of getting it put on because it was driving me fucking crazy. I hope it feels better, Good Luck! smile.gif
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