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online §ynchposted 3174 Days Agoviews 475 Viewscomments 4 Comments
What a recession, many friends out of work.
To save money, I took a friend's offer. Very GTA.

Just finished moving into that friend's house.
I get to clean the swimming pool.
No flamethrower spawns in there unlike GTA:VC.

Well, the stars of the GTA games are always
looking for that next job, and this is mine.
Cleaning the pool, adding chlorine, and of
course, maintaining the gardens.

Next blog post will cover the driving trip
up north to see the Eugene, Oregon festival.
online bOnEsactivity 3174 Days Ago
hopefully he pays you in cash and not in respect, lol laugh.gif...
online §ynchactivity 3174 Days Ago
Actually I get to live in the house by myself,
rent free, just have to pay for utilities. smile.gif
online TheAnalogKid2112activity 3174 Days Ago
Sorry about the recession woes, but congrats on the easy living smile.gif
Does the pool take chlorine tablets in one of those floating plastic doohickeys?
online §ynchactivity 3173 Days Ago
Thanks Analog, this recession killed my career.
Now I just watch the property and do the work.

I have to add chlorine in gallon bottles.
It is quite a big deal but using a tester you can
see the chlorine level and add if low. The damn
algae grows quick if you don't add like 2-4 gallons
a week! It is a huge pool, like 12 feet deep at one end.
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