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War of the Lions

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Well Yesterday I spent most of my day playing "Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions", and spent a little bit of time doing a single base jump on "The Ballad of Gay Tony". I have to say, I really don't like the base jumps, I find them very hard to do sad.gif The one I did is the one that is found next to the Buzzard when you complete the story, and had to fly through rings and land on happiness Island. It took me three tries to do it, and i only completed it successfully after finding out that you only need to land on the target to get the accomplishment for finishing all base jumps, and getting 100% story progress. I also discovered that I'm changing my mind for my final party in FFT - Yesterday I got Balthier in my party, and also Cidolfus Orlandu in my party. Discovering how awesome Cidolfus was, I decided that my final party that I'm going to be building up is - Ramza, Cloud, Balthier, Orlandu, and either Reis or Beowulf. I'm just about to buy the flower from Aerith in the main storyline so I should be gaining Reis in Human form soon, and Cloud as well. Once I obtain Reis I'll make the decision on who will be in the final spot in my party.

Today I also decided to go back and play "The Lost and Damned" a little bit, and knocked off the accomplishment "Get Good Wood", and completed 2 gang wars and one more bike race - leaving my total at 12 gang wars, and 2 bike races done. I tried to do another bike race and found my game freezing!!! I hope to god that this was just a simple, single time glitch, so I don't have to play the game in safe mode during TLaD as well!!! DAMN THESE PROBLEMS!!! I'm about to restart my computer, but just wanted to blog real quick for the day.

P.S - Just a quick note. I hate to slander people on my blog (but since no one reads it anyway, I figure why not?) but I have to say something about a player with the gamertag "MURDAHAVOC". I met this player while playing a ranked DM once and he sent me a friend request, so naturally I accepted, wanting more friends to play with online and he seemed to be a nice enough guy. Well, every time this player signed on and started a ranked DM (Which I suck at, by the way), he would send me a message "Join my ranked DM". Since I was usually busy doing missions, I would ignore him. Several minutes or perhaps an hour later, I would receive the SAME message. So once I replied, "Sorry bro, can't - busy doing a mission" - which I figured was polite enough. I then received this in response - "If you don't join my DM I'm going to remove you from my friends list". Wow, I didn't know I was supposed to jump when he said jump simply because he added me as a friend! Well I logged offline, figuring he was just in a bad mood and taking it out on me. Over the next few days I would recieve the same "Join my ranked DM" messages, which I would simply ignore if I didn't want to join, and occasionally I would join if I was in the MOOD to play online, at which point he would slaughter me, increasing his rank and leaving me without a single kill. After this happened a few times, I figured I was done playing online until I completed single player, and hopefully in doing that improving my own skill. Well I kept receiving those messages, and finally yesterday he said, exactly like this "I'M TAKING YOU OFF MY FRIEND'S LIST IF YOU DON'T JOIN MY FUCKING DM". This finally set me off - I removed him from my list, then sent the message "It's not worth having you on my buddy list if you're going to use me to rank up because I'm not good yet, and you required me to jump when you say jump - Frankly I'm surprised you have ANYONE on your list!". I actually wanted to go into a bit more detail, and told him EXACTLY what the fuck was on my mind, but in fear the prick would leave me a negative rep review, I left it at that. Just a heads up to players - unless you want to be ordered around, I advise ignoring this moron.

Good day!
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