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It's over! - No Spoilers!

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Yesterday I said I would be providing my comments about the Lost finale, and I have to say - it was great! It was all to be expected after watching the show for 6 years, and enjoying every minute of it. The finale didn't answer as many questions as I thought it would, but it did bring together everything in an ending that I thought was as epic as the show itself. The only sad part is, that while many of us "Losties" (From the term - trekies) had been wanting answers for so long, without realizing that when we got those answers, that would mean the end sad.gif. The 2 1/2 hour finale was great, and I only wish it had gone on for longer. The resolution was great, and since I don't want to ruin anything for anyone who hasn't seen it, I really can't say anymore. I was too expired to stay up later to watch the 3 alternate endings on Jimmy Kimmel Live, so I'm hoping I'll be able to find them somewhere online, or when the DVD/Blu-ray discs come out. I currently have season 3 on the official DVD, Season 2 on a burnt disc, and half of season 1 on a burnt disc, and was planning on downloading all the seasons I'm mission to watch the series in it's entirety in succession, but when I went to download the series I discovered that a TON of people had the same idea as me, and downloading them all would have taken weeks. I think I'm just going to fork over the cash to buy season 1 on DVD (Which shouldn't be too much on Amazon), and then go from there. I'm trying desperately to find a job, so hopefully I'll be able to buy a new PS3 so I can have a Blu-ray player, because I would hate to buy the DVDs only to replace them later with Blu-ray discs.

Besides that, I've been playing some PSP games in my downtime from Grand Theft Auto, and started playing "Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions" again. My characters are all around level 70 from how much time I spent grinding to master all the jobs, and I just got into Chapter IV so I'm going to hold off the mass grinding to 100 until I get Cloud and Balthier into my party. I'm hoping to have my final party consist of Ramza, Cloud, Balthier, Beowulf, and Argrias. I think that would make a pretty good final party. Currently Argrias and Ramza are in my party, and I just started the cloud quest (only finished one step of it so far, heh). The unfortunate thing however, Is Cloud starts at level 1 from what I remember, so it's going to be quite difficult to get him to catch up with the rest of the party to be useful. So far I just recruited Rapha and Marach, and those characters are very useful, both of which started right around the level of my party members which was great. I've been leveling them up, to use up until I replace them, which is sort of useless now that I think about it as I have other, more powerful party members that have been with me since the beginning. I also have a few Chocobos in my party that I never use (As they have no abilities or jobs to master, it seems sort of useless to waste the spot in battle), one of each color (Yellow, Purple, and Red). The annoying thing is the little bastards keep hatching eggs, which I have to destroy just in case my roster fills up at a vital moment and I loose a key character! After I play a little of one of the GTA games today on my quest to 100%, I hope to go back and finish as much of the Cloud quest as possible (I was playing just a bit ago, but Unfortunately got into a battle with a bunch of level 70 chocobos that just DECIMATED my party! Those bastards knocked out Ramza (Who's my most powerful, currently working on the samurai class and dual wielding) with one shot! Damn I hope I don't run into them again!

Well, Off I go to get some progress on The Ballad of Gay Tony, Hoping to finish The Cage fights and club management activities today, and hopefully gain the achievement for becoming the L.C cage fighting Champion. I still haven't done any drug wars, so maybe I'll do that! I sort of didn't even realize (or Forgot) that the person Niko was after - SPOILER WARNING -

Bulgarin, was killed by Luis. I thought that Niko killed him, guess I must have forgot! Come to think of it the final missions I was really rushing through and I completely forgot what happened with Bulgarin. Now I remember that he had Dimitri Rascalov working for him, and Rascalov became Niko's arch-nemesis after his deception.

Good Day All!
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