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Short and Sweet

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Well I just wanted to post a short blog today as I don't have much time to be online. I've been playing The Ballad of Gay Tony - Which storyline I like very much with all the twists and turns. I've got 2 missions left, and am becoming more and more frustrated with the 2nd to last mission "Party's Over" - I've tried this mission about 5 times already, and just can't find a strategy that works! I'm going to keep trying though, and hope to finish the main story by the end of today - well, not end of today, I have until 6PM my time (3 more hours), because I plan on watching the lost catch-up episode, followed by the TV event I've been waiting for for 6 years - the final episode of lost! I can't wait!!! I'll provide a review of the finale tomorrow (Along with the alternate endings showing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but Don't worry - as always, I'll leave out anything that would spoil the episode for anyone.

Wish me luck on this hellish mission!
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