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69 Percent, and The horror of the Loading Screen!

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Well while unfortunately I could not meet my goal yesterday of getting at least 75-80% completion in "The Ballad of Gay Tony" due to a VERY annoying bug or glitch or something that infuriates me immensely, I did reach 69% today. Yesterday, while doing the mission "No. 3", the game froze up after every time I reach the destination in middle park where you get the cars from the guy. This happened three times in a row, and then I tried doing a different mission first and then going back to it, and it happened again. Being as I had experienced this problem before, during the Mission "Momma's Boy", I assumed it was the same thing - I uninstalled and Reinstalled the expansion packs. After that I tried again, and found the problem still there so I tried the reinstall again - NO fix! So I called Rockstar and they, quote "Never heard of the game freezing during the loading screen like that", and told me to update my video drivers, turn everything to it's lowest possible settings and try again. Since I know better than to do anything with customer support without keeping them on the phone, I made them wait while I tried again - Guess what? It didn't work! So they took down my phone number + Email and gave me a reference number while they "Worked on the problem". Well I decided to search online to see if anyone else had this problem, and found SEVERAL different forums with people asking for help in fixing this problem (on the mission "Momma's Boy", and several others - some of which I had no problem on). None offered a viable solution that would PERMANENTLY fix the problem, but one offered a temporary solution that worked for him - running the game in safe mode for that one mission. This worked for me successfully, and after spending 3 hours trying to fix the problem, I was finally past that mission! Naturally I was quite aggravated after that, so I decided to end my gaming early.

Now, with that many forums online with people having the same problem, you would think Rockstar would have "Heard of this problem", wouldn't you? I plan on calling them back again today (or Monday if they are closed weekends), and having them search Google to see how many other people are having this problem, so hopefully they can offer a VIABLE solution that doesn't involve running the game in SAFE MODE to progress through a mission that is REQUIRED to complete the game. Now, I don't know why this problem seems to only occur for me in "The Ballad of Gay Tony", as I cleared EVERY mission in GTA IV (Besides the "Deal" ending, but I don't think there's going to be a problem with that), and every main mission in "The Lost and Damned", but has happened to me twice so far in "TBoGT", and I still have 4 missions left (Knock on wood that it doesn't happen again!). I'm hoping when I go back to get 100% on the missions that this problem doesn't manifest itself again (Although, thankfully, I achieved 100% on that first try of "No. 3" while running in safe mode, I still plan on trying the mission again because of two reasons - 1) It was fun, and 2) I want to see if the problem happens again). This is ridiculous! I know the game has only been out for like 2 months, but you would think the game would have been tested on various systems, etc... while being ported to PC so these problems wouldn't happen! I also read that no one had this problem before they released the newest patch for the game (which I tried to confirm for myself, but I couldn't load my save games without patching first - it kept crashing after I formatted while trying to load until I did patch), so hopefully they can Patch again to fix this problem - and until they do maybe they could put a little warning in the "News" section when you start the game so people like me don't waste 3 hours trying to fix something that isn't fixable.

Whew....enough of my rant! Anyway, Today while playing (I've been up since 5 A.M, Saturday's suck for me since my methadone clinic is only open from 5-7AM. And now, since there are so many people at the clinic, there is a 30 minute wait even if you get there when it opens! Some people get there 30 mins before opening and line up at the door now!!!) I finished all the possible activities with my friends for the 5% that gives, and also won all 4 of the games required for the additional 5.71% (I also got the accomplishment "Four Play" by hitting the golf flag 4 times). So now the only things standing between me and 100% are 5 missions (not 4 like I stated earlier), all the Club management, cage fights, base jumps, and drug wars, and then the 3 triathlons. It doesn't sound like too much right? Well, it seems like getting 100% in this is going to be less time consuming than TLaD or GTA IV, but getting 100% on all the missions is going to be hell!!! At least I've perfected my head shots due to the mission goals, which should be very helpful for when I start playing multiplayer games again (After I finish TBoGT I'll probably dabble in some online play in between trying for 100% completion and 100% mission goals).

Good Day All!
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