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My quest for 100%

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Yesterday I stated I was going to try to finish the main storyline of "The Ballad of Gay Tony", well unfortunately, that didn't happen sad.gif. I did however manage to get all 50 seagulls, but in a stroke of bad luck, I hadn't saved since around seagull 25, and on seagull's 39 and 40, I was arrested while on a motorcycle, and lost all my weapons! Since I hadn't saved in a while, I decided not to reload my game to prevent the loss of all my weapons, and had to spend around $10,000 of my $47k to replace all the weapons I lost (And upgraded one or more, and bought a sniper-rifle which I didn't have), however I think I might have made a mistake buying some weapons, as I shouldn't have purchased a SMG as I'm close to getting the Gold SMG since I don't have many quests left for the character who I believe gives it to you. Also I lost my automatic shotgun, which had explosive rounds in it sad.gif I replaced the shotgun but unfortunately forgot that the pump shotgun is in the same slot, so I wasted money by buying that one first just to replace it. I also didn't buy the explosive rounds, which I should have, hoping that a mission will come up that gives me them (or I finish the game, then I'll have enough money to just buy them). I also don't have an item in my grenade slot, because they seem to cost a lot each (maybe it's less than $840 [or 800, stick bombs is whatever price the grenades aren't] after you buy the first one, don't know yet), and I figure I'll definitely come across one of them in a mission that I have left. By the way, I'm not sure if it's just my imagination, but it seems like Armando charges more for weapons than Terry did in The Lost and Damned - I'll have to confirm that after this episode when I go back to get 100% in that episode.

Well anyway I finished the seagull's and looked online to find out what reward I got, and was disappointed to find out that it's that Army Vehicle with the rotating gun turret on top. I was hoping for a "Buzzard" helicopter of my own, but then again maybe something else in the game will give me one of those. Also, I found out that unlike the seagulls in TLaD, at least at this point, the friend who delivers vehicles cannot deliver it to me. I read that you need to be up to a point where someone you know has a construction site, so I'm hoping at that point that H can deliver the vehicle to you, being as that feature in "The Lost and Damned" I thought was an excellent reward for killing the seagulls, as not only did you get a new vehicle, but it could be delivered to you anywhere!

Also, I'm working on my achievements and got 2 knocked down, "Catch The Bus" and "Adrenaline Junkie". As stated yesterday I said I would be working on the club activities for my 100%, and I managed to accomplish dancing perfectly in Hercules and Maisonette 9, and the Champagne drinking game in Maisonette (Which left Luis drunk as a SKUNK after, since it took me two tries). I also finished the mission involving a BIG race, which I thought was very, very fucking awesome! I'm hoping to do a few more missions, then finish up the portion I need for 100% of taking my friends to activities, and winning some of the activities (Gold and pool are the only activities left I need to win). I'm also looking forward to doing drug wars, mostly to replace some of the money I lost to those fucking pigs when I got arrested (Damn I wish I just died! It probably would have cost less for the hospital fee's than it did to replace my weapons). Anyway currently I'm at 49.21%, and hope to be at least at 75% by the end of today.

One last bit of info, I'm looking forward to buying Batman next week! I'm also hoping they come out with a PC version of the DLC recently released for Resident Evil 5 (Also known as the "Alternate Version" or "Gold Version" on Xbox 360 and PS3), as I might have stated earlier that my xbox and PS3 were stolen, along with my PS3 copy of RE5, which was one of my absolute favorite games! Since I currently don't have enough to buy a new PS3 (that's my first choice of consoles) to pick up RE5 (Although that would be the second game, the first would be Final Fantasy XIII), I really hope they plan on releasing the content for us PC owners. Also if any of the folks at capcom read this (Highly doubt it!) - Release Super Street Fighter IV for PC!!!! I know if you read this you might have read that I pirate games, but you may also have read that I PURCHASE games that I feel are produced excellently, and while I did Pirate Street Fighter IV, If SSF IV is released, I fully intend on purchasing that and all the downloadable content for both games. I enjoyed street fighter IV and was going to purchase that, until I read that a "Super" version was coming out (I didn't notice there were no plans for a PC release yet). I'm sure if a "Super" version, and "Alternate/Gold" versions are released for Street Fighter and Resident Evil 5, you would make a TON of money from us PC users, Being as I can state for myself I was planning on buying both games since I enjoyed them immensely (And had RE5 for PS3 before it was stolen), but decided to hold off since I read that improved versions were being released.

Good day all!
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