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Short and Sweet

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Today I figured I would make my blog post short, as I've got a goal to achieve before the end of the day today!

My goal is to complete all the story missions and get as close as I can to 100% completion in the Ballad of Gay tony before the end of today, which leaves me with 12 story missions, and most of the optional activities to win/complete (besides darts/air hockey). I also finished all the random pedestrians, so that's out. Basically all I have left are all the drug wars, club management activities, cage fights, base jumps, and taking my friends to every activity besides darts and air hockey, and then to win in every activity besides the two mentioned above. I would just like to make a quick side note - I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE, HATE, Air Hockey! I despised it after the first time I played it in "The Lost and Damned", and decided that I would make my first time bringing a friend there in each game the last, so despite how many times it took me to win each time (7 in TLaD, and 14 in TBoGT), I made sure to never have to play that hellish game again! In my 100% goal I also need to do the club activities such as dancing in each club, and some champagne drinking game. I've already tried dancing in one club (Which I was only 1 step away from getting perfect) at Hercules, and couldn't make it to the group dance again. That I'm about to try right now, so I can get the Achievement "Catch the Bus" or whatever it's called. I also have seagulls to kill (which I only have 2 dead so far - the 2 located on top of Rotterdam Tower), and some sort of "Triathalon's" to complete, which I haven't even discovered in the game so far. The last thing I need after the above for 100% is the 6 cage fights required to finish that portion, which I am looking forward to as I had a lot of fun during "Momma's Boy", although I DID NOT like taking a fall!!!!

Wish me luck!
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