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Well I've made up my mind - I've decided to go with Batman: Arkham Asylum - Game of the Year Edition as I found out that I've got a $15 off coupon for a website I use to download games, making the total cost to me only $27.00 for the whole game, plus all the extras that the GOtY comes with! I totally loved that game when I played it pirated, but as a game that good deserves support, I fully plan to support it by picking up my own copy (this way I can finish the game also without having to worrying about the crack failing on me every now and then). I also got a little further in the Ballad of Gay Tony today, and Have to say I am thoroughly enjoying the game, Although that random character that you have to help out that can't even remember your name was really annoying in my opinion! Oh well, Only another week (so my $15 credit goes in) and I'll have another game to play besides GTA IV that has achievements to unlock, and the game itself is awesome without the achievements!

Well, just wanted to post a little bit. Good night all
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