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Hoping for the best!

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Well, This is going to be a short blog post as I don't want to stay on my computer long today. Yesterday I had a huge accident that I'm hoping won't have long term side effects sad.gif.

Yesterday, While In a rush, I knocked a cup of coffee off my desk and it landed and split on a fan that I have next to my computer desk blowing into my computer that occasionally overheats....This caused some of the coffee to be blown into my computer, and land on my video card (Along with some of the wires leading from the other stuff - basically the only part that was hit with anything more then a drop was the video card). Ironically I had my computer on, when at that time of day it's normally shut down. Instantly my computer monitor shut down, so I expected the worst - however I didn't smell any burning smell, So I thought I might be able to still save my computer. I spent the next half hour-hour drying off anything that had any drop of coffee on it, and then cleaned the fan and allowed it to dry before putting it on in it's usual position, so the computer could thoroughly dry. I waited about 3 hours, and then turned it on - Thank god! The monitor turned on, and I tested everything to make sure it was fine (I didn't go into a game or anything, just wanted to make sure everything was working). Well, Proceed to this morning (12-15 hours later). I turned the computer on, and began playing GTA IV. While everything was O.K at first, after about 30 mins to an hour, I started to notice a significant lagging that I've never had before. I would be riding a motorcycle at a fast speed, and rather then just the world not loading around me for maybe half a second, it would take up to 3 seconds, and then I would stop dead in my tracks while PART of the world loaded. By the time I could get going again, the world was still not fully textured. By the time I finished the mission I was on, and got to Armando and bought a Bullet proof vest, the lag was happening every 1 min to 2 mins, it took like a minute to buy a vest from Armando, as it lagged while he was opening his trunk like the game had completely frozen in between his actions (walking to the trunk, and then opening it, and then the first couple if items I selected on my way to the BPV). Anyway, when I got to my safehouse, It lagged very badly (while not freezing in it's tracks) as I attempted to get to my bed - I was able to enter the apartment, but nothing was in there for a good 2-3 seconds. Then when I laid down to save, it took another 1-2 seconds to open up the save game folder (I saw the save game screen, with no text on anything, and then it appeared at once). Now, I Can't afford a new video card right now (which I HOPE is the only problem, as I just upgraded everything else, and really don't want to have to replace them), which is the cheapest and oldest component in my computer next to the power supply (which also needs to be replaced, basically the only 2 parts that are really old now are the 2 listed here). So Hopefully If I let it chill for a bit, and maybe go back and make sure everything is dry completely (with no sticky coffee residue), it won't have any problems until I can actually afford to replace the video card (Which I've been thinking about anyway, being as its a GeForce 9500 GT, and yes, I know.....ancient sad.gif). And eventually the power supply will be replaced too, and then I'll get a new case which is the cause of my overheating problem (My house was robbed before I upgraded my computer, and the bastard trying to steal my computer dropped it when he heard the cops were on the way, causing the case to become very damaged, and the side panels won't fit on together at all. The power supply was also in that ancient rig). Anyway, Like i said - i'm hoping for the best!

Wish me luck please! Have a good day everyone!

P.S - Figured out the sticky bomb trajectory!
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