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Surviving the onslaught of the Dead.

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Well it may be a day late, a dollar short, or whatever, but here I am to post my comments on the new Romero Flick, "Survival of the Dead".

The movie was actually really good in my opinion (despite heavy criticism by critics). It started off with little suspense, and gradually built it up to a point worth of any Romero movie. When I first heard of this movie, I thought it was going to be a sequel to "Diary of the Dead", with some of the surviving characters acting in the lead role, but I guess I was partially wrong. "Survival" is a pseudo-sequel in the sense that anyone who has seen "Diary" will remember the part when the kids making the documentary are ripped off by a group of people. Well that group of people turn out to be the main characters of this movie, with a brief clip from the first scene showing us the robbery I previously mentioned. Unfortunately the movie doesn't continue any more of the plot points started in the previous "Dead" movies, such as zombies like "Bub" learning and developing compassion for some humans, but it does start the same plot to some degree in this film line of stories (which I've heard is to contain 2 more movies that are sequels to "Diary" if all goes well), so now that it's been established hopefully we can see how this series takes it. After the movie introduces the main group of characters, we are introduced to the other big plot point of the movie - The Muldoon's vs. The O'Flynn's on Plum Island, With one group (Muldoon) deciding it would be better to "Keep those who we've lost close to us", and the other (O'Flynn), deciding what "I" Personally think it the best and ONLY option - to kill the undead to keep the Island safe. Since the Muldoon's have more followers then the O'Flynns, The leader of the O'Flynns is forced to leave the Island or Die when he is confronted by the Muldoon's. As interesting as this is, it's rather hypocritical as when the group of main characters finally get to the Island, you see that Seamus Muldoon (I hate to state my opinion, but after this part I decided to refer to him in my brain as the "Dumb redneck Fuck who shouldn't even have a say in things") has been literally KILLING every person that O'Flynn has been sending to the Island. Hear me well - He keeps the Zombies HE cares about alive, along with the promising ones that show potential to learn, but the HUMANS are "outsiders", and he shoots them all in the head when they arrive to the Island. Now, in my opinion this character is EXTREMELY frustrating, which I think is exactly what Romero was planning on, because even I wanted to kill the fucking bastard. What ensues is the series of events that eventually leads to the expected part of any zombie movie, when the zombies finally get out of control. I think most people who are fans of any of Romero's work will be pleased with the way events unfold, and how the story ends. The story does start the beginning of the "smart zombie" plot point that every Romero film series seems to end up discussing during at least one movie (Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead, and now Survival of the Dead). In this one we see how Seamus Muldoon is hoping the zombies will eventually eat something else besides Humans, and then they could be tamed or some shit. Anyway, besides that, we see a zombie start a car and move it in reverse/forward, and a zombie holding a gun. It's pretty cool, and hopefully the next 2 movies in the "Diary" series of films will keep this premise up.

I've also been playing "The Ballad of Gay Tony" a bit, but I haven't progressed too far. I've only completed 4 missions, and hoping to do a few more today, but I enjoy this episode so far. The sticky bombs are really cool, and although I don't fully understand their course of trajectory, I'm hoping I'll find out exactly how they fly before the next missions I have to use them in (I wasted about 10 of them trying to nail them to the boats in the first mission with them). I've also done a little research on the vehicles exclusive to this pack, and am really looking forward to getting to drive/fly some of these bad boys - I actually found a "Vader" motorcycle and saved it in my driveway. By the way - for anyone who's checked out Rockstar's official "The Ballad of Gay Tony" site, and went to vehicles, might be wondering how the "faggio" is new, being as it was in GTA IV and TLaD. Well I do believe they got this part of their site wrong, as the new Bikes in The Ballad of Gay Tony are these following three: The Police Bike!!! (Which, unfortunately, is only available in multiplayer sad.gif), the Vader (Which can be found on the street), and the Akuma (Which, while it can be used in single player, I've read can only be accessed using a cheat code sad.gif, which is disappointing for those of us who don't cheat. I'm really looking forward to the new helicopters in this game, which look extremely awesome. Hopefully I'll be able to fly one soon, although I'm in no big rush to finish this episode, as that will leave me with just the options to get achievements and gain 100% in all the episodes. At least now I still have 1 full story to discover before the end of my Grand Theft Auto IV experience is complete smile.gif.

Good day to you all!
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