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Survival of the Dead and Freezing problems

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Well in real life issues I've been looking forward to today because once my check goes into my account, I'm hoping to rent the new George A. Romero zombie Film, "Survival of the Dead", which is currently available from Video on Demand services a month before it's theatrical release date. I'm a big fan of anything in the horror/macabre genre (books, movies, video games), and his films are very close to the top of the chart in my book for best zombie movies, which is only topped in my opinion by Zack Snyder's remake of "Dawn of the Dead". A few of my other favorite zombie writes and their respective films are Simon Pegg and his excellent way of bringing "funny" rather than in my opinion "dumb" humor to the zombie genre with 2004's "Shaun of the Dead". Also worthy of note is Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick's also very successful attempt at bringing humor to the genre with 2009's "Zombieland", which I've heard is due for a sequel soon. By the way, when I said "Dumb" humor above, I was referring to the "Night of the Living Dead" zombie movies, which I have always thought were outright stupid, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I hope to let you guys know what I think of the movie tomorrow after I watch it.

In other news, I started "The Ballad of Gay Tony" fully today (had started the first mission just to link it to my Rockstar account, but never really played it), and had a problem with the game freezing when I tried to start the mission "Momma's Boy". At first the game froze after I watched the intro for the mission, so I closed down the program and started again. Then, stupidly, for the next 3 attempts I skipped the intro cut-scene and went straight into the mission, only to have the game freeze after I completed it. I finally decided to uninstall/reinstall the program (which for me didn't take too long as I have the disc version of EFLC), which fixed the problem, I hope, permanently. I also was lucky enough to find an Infernus car right away after that mission (I'm not sure if they are still rare in this episode), so I parked that in the spot in front of my house for safekeeping. I'm about to continue the game, but just wanted to post a little bit of my input thus far. The episode seems to be really fun, and I think I'll really like the mission complete percentage that rates you on your performance during the mission. Also the game carries over the vehicle delivery and gun van services your friends can offer you from "The Lost and Damned" episode, which I think is going to come in handy.

Well, I hope to give you a review tomorrow of "Survival", as long as I don't have any problems with renting the movie!
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