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Almost done being Damned, time to try being Gay!

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Well yesterday I took a UA (Urine Analysis) for my Methadone Clinic, and am hoping all the water I drank will help get that last Xanax out of my system in time, I took 1 2mg xanax last on sunday at around 2pm, and since then have been drinking about a gallon - gallon + 1/2 a day, up until the day of the test. I get my results either Saturday or Monday, and if I passed, I'll be able to go up past the dosage I'm on (currently capped, due to having Benzo's in my system), AND I'll be able to get my take home's for Saturday and Sunday on Friday, which means no more waking up at 5am! (well, except for work when that calls). YAY!

In further news, just a few minutes ago I finished the Mission the The Lost and Damned in the museum, and am about to meet up with someone from the club who I "think" is in trouble based on his text. After that I've only got 1 mission left, and I can finally start the Ballad of Gay tony. After I finish that (which I hope is longer than this episode), I plan on going back to the main game or TLaD to work on getting 100% (I worked on a few more pigeons though, now have 28 dead, so a little over 10% completed, heh sad.gif. I think I'll save that until after I get all the stunt jumps though (I believe there are stunt jumps in the Ballad of Gay Tony too, so at least I'll be used to trying to track em down again). I still haven't done any more gang wars (or maybe I have, have 10 down so far), but I've decided that my last post was incorrect - It's actually easier (In my opinion) for members of your crew to die on the vehicle missions than on the other ones (being as it seems they don't seem to realize when you throw a pipe bomb to get the fuck out of the way). Also during a story mission when I needed backup, I lost one of my crew members who was at 100% sad.gif So I'm going to need to start over with a new Lost member during my next gang war sad.gif I hope I can keep this fucker alive for a bit! This last guy survived 8 or 9 campaigns, which is nice to see on that board of tribute or whatever, being as some of the other guys only made it to 1-3 completed sad.gif

Oh well, that's enough for today - I'm desperate to go finish TLaD so I can start The ballad of Gay Tony.
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