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Pigeons, Pigeons, Pigeons!

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Well today they finally got the computer up in my methadone clinic, and based on what I got in the cup today I was right, I was getting shorted a little bit on my dosage - hence me feeling shitty. Too bad they can't do anything about it now sad.gif.

In other news - I've been working on pigeons in GTA IV, and man are they a bitch. The seagull's in the Lost and Damned were pathetically easy compared to these fuckers. I mean, the seagulls made that noise that let you know where they were, etc... and while the pigeons make a noise too - the areas in which they are found, so far (I've been looking In Alderney, closest area to where my end of story save game was) are huge, and when I FINALLY find one of them, I get a wanted star! So I then have to ditch the cops, only to proceed back to the area where I found the pigeons to start my search again. I think I've got 13 Pigeons so far, so i've got a LONG way to go! I heard the prize Is a helicopter, so at least it's worth it.

I'm still a long way from 100% unfortunately, at 91% currently. Still have most of Brucie's races to do, all but 1 of Steve's text message car thefts, all the stunt jumps, and...lets see....I believe that's it but unfortunately I can't log into my 100% checklist at www.gta4.tv (which is a great asset btw), although I can for The Lost and Damned, so I might switch back over to that and finish up the story. I've only been playing for like 10 hours and so far I'm at 67.5% or something like that, and only have 5 story missions left, so the game was a lot shorter than I expected it to be, but I guess combined with the ballad of gay tony (which I hope to be a slight bit longer, I see it has more achievements so I hope so!), it should add up to be worth the $30 price tag. I only have 1 achievement left in The Lost and Damned I'm worried about, and it's That "Get good Wood" or something like that one, where you have to knock 69 bikers off their bikes in a race. So far I haven't even knocked ONE off (although I've only done 1 race, not my fancy really with all the other stuff you can do), and I'm not sure if you can repeat the races after you clear them all.

The gang wars in the game are really fucking sweet though, and so far I completed 9 of them. I'm trying to make sure my current crew, which all have their stats or whatever that bar represents, are completely full (which includes Terry and Clay). I have however noticed, that if during a gang war, Terry, Clay, or Jim die, rather than saying deceased or failing the mission (since they are major story characters), their names just disappear from the list of crew members, which I really don't mind. I've already gotten 5 or so members of the Lost killed, and now that I've got a crew with those bars maxed out I'd rather not loose any more. I've read that you can do as many of those as you want, and at each 10 interval mark, you earn a weapon at your Safehouse, up to 50 (although maybe there are more, not sure) but only need 25 for the 100% completion. I think after I finish the story I'll probably do as many of those as I can, since they are quite fun (although I don't like the destroying the vehicle ones, although they are the least dangerous for losing crew members, since they involve you chasing down a vehicle for what could be quite a while).

Have a good day everyone!
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