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Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.

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Well I forgot to post a blog yesterday, which is a slightly good thing because we can only post one 8 hours apart, and I'd rather start off with one early in the day. So yesterday I played A little more Modern Warfare 2, and I think I ranked up, but then I decided to go on a seagull hunt in The Lost and Damned, which I finished up with and unlocked the Innovation, which Is a very sweet bike. I also realized something - no matter which bike you ride to the start of a mission (at least thus far in the game), you wind up with Johnny's Hexer after you commence the mission. Also, while I was on the second mission and lost the bike, I decided to search online to find out if johnny's bike is unique. Well I saw a post entitled "Johnny's Hexer" or something like that, I figured it was safe enough. So I read the first post asking if you can get his bike back, etc... then Without much of a warning (he put {spoiler} then directly after wrote the spoiler, NO gaps, etc...) I found out the end of the Lost and Damned, which rather pissed me off. I used a guide for some of the GTA IV storyline, but no matter how curious I was to the turnout of the game, I didn't check to see the ending because I wanted to be SURPRISED by the amount of effort I put into it. I though asking a question about if johnny's Hexer is unique is a rather noobie question, being as only if you're just starting the game you would need to know this, but this fuck seems to have beaten the game, but still needed reassurance, which I could have told you after the 2nd or 3rd mission (Didn't read the rest of the post after that, was too pissed) - It spawns on the side of the clubhouse after you load a game, and if it's destroyed clay or whoever builds a new one which is exactly the same for you.

Anyway - In further Lost and Damned news, I'm having a lot of fun playing the game, but I've noticed that the missions in this game, even at the very start, seem to be like the missions at the end of the game in GTA IV. I guess the developers assumed that everyone who purchases Episodes from Liberty City, or either pack, has enough skill to pass these missions. While I don't have a problem with it, I just thought it odd that the difficulty would increase so dramatically in such a short period of time. I wonder if "The Ballad of Gay Tony" is the same, but I'll have to wait until after TLaD to find out, although the first mission was really cool (just wanted to link the game to my Social club account).

Anyway, In real life Issues, I've been having a problem at my methadone clinic. The computers there seem to be down, and since everything at the place is controlled by the computers usually (including the measuring of the doses), the nurses have had to pump the stuff from the bottle themselves. While I've learned that speaking to some people that they accidentally received more than what they should have gotten and were pleased or disappointed in some cases, I think I've been on the short end of the stick as I've been feeling rather shitty ever since the computers went down. They went down late Friday, luckily I had went there before they went down so I got my last appropriate dose on friday. Saturday I learned they were down, got my take-home bottle, and when I went back today I discovered they were still down sad.gif. Tomorrow when I go in if the computer is STILL down I'm going to mention to the nurses the problem I've been having, since I've been on my dose so long I know how it feels, and how it looks in the little cup they give it to us in.

Furthermore, If anyone is a horror/suspense fan, about 3 weeks ago (well, I found it about a year ago but didn't get it really into it until 3 weeks ago) I discovered a channel called "Chiller" on TV (If you want to find out what station it's on, I think their website "www.chillertv.com" may be of help). Well I've been watching it in my spare time, and discovered a liking for the show "The Hunger", which is rather funny and only a slight bit suspenseful/scary. I've always suspected that it was supposed to be a type of soft-core porn suspense show, but my suspicions weren't confirmed until an episode I watched last night which blurred out the breast/crotch area of a women who was masturbating in a tanning booth. I realized that when it said "Showtime presents" at the beginning of the show it was originally aired on showtime, and ran for a full 30 minutes (or maybe a slight bit less), and due to being on a cable channel with commercials, they were able to slim down the episode to fit in the time slot by cutting the "Adult Only" content. I don't really mind that, seeing as it's on cable, but I really like to get the full story of everything, and a naked woman during every episode is a good thing too right? So I figured I'm going to see if I can purchase the DVD or DVDs of the two season released.

Anyway, that's It for today. Hope you all have a good one!
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