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The end of one tale and the beginning of a new one

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Well I finally finished Grand Theft Auto 4 Today (It came out what, 2 years ago?). Well I probably would have finished it sooner if my Xbox 360 elite along with that game and my others hadn't gotten stolen, but oh well - shit happens right? The ending was amazing, and in-case anyone out there hasn't finished it yet I won't ruin anything, but the choices you make can really effect the outcome of the game! Plus the final mission that I played was fucking epic! Naturally I chose revenge, and speeding off that ramp to grab on to that chopper was totally awesome. Although I already know how the other ending turns out, when I go for the achievement "Liberty City Minute" (Beat the game in 30 hours, which seems like it's gonna be a bitch) I'm gonna go the other way.

I've also been playing the Modern Warfare 2 Free/double XP weekend, and I have to say I love that game and when I get the cash next week I'm totally picking it up (although I wish I had the cash before tomorrow, would save me $10 - then again, shit happens right?). I got to rank 10, and the games unlocking system is awesome. It really kinda makes you specialize in what you want to do sort of. And while I started out sucking really bad (I had Modern Warfare for Xbox, but we know what happened to that one sad.gif, so it's been a while since I've played a FPS besides Left 4 Dead) I got the hang of it and started surviving more than thirty seconds or so! Plus instead of just running around surprising people with a shotgun, I found myself actually using the assault rifles, etc... to aim down the barrel and shoot from a distance. One game I actually got 3 or 4 kills in a row! Man it was intense, and the better you do and the more shit you do, the more XP you get, which makes you want to do better even more. I highly recommend the game to anyone who is a fan of FPS. I've also played the single player for a little while at a buddies house, and that's very awesome also.

And in other news, I started the Tale of Johnny Klebitz today, and am liking the expansion so far. I love motorcycles (I mean when vice city came out it was the reason I wanted to go to the midnight release so bad, heh) plus I'm saving up to buy one, so a story that's (from what I can see) Totally biker gang related should be pretty sweet. I bought it in the disc version though, which I sort of regret (although I guess if you buy the disc you get a radio station not in the DLC.....wow what a bonus!). Having the disc requires me to start up a different executable every time I want to switch multiplayer games, and while I can switch from TLaD to The Ballad of Gay Tony on the fly, I wish I could just switch to all three. From what I've seen, the expansion isn't as long as GTA IV, but the two of em together, with all their side missions and shit, should provide a bit more incentive to stay in the world of liberty city.

I hope they do the same for Assassin's Creed II (I read something on wikipedia about some episodes also, but who knows), which I payed $70 w/ tax for the deluxe version(Which was still worth it, that game rocks), but now just find myself going back to have fun slaughtering guards with throwing knives, firing bullets, and using smoke bombs just so I can waste money that I have so much of and nothing to do with. I've completed the game 100%, and unfortunately unlike the first Assassin's Creed, where you could go back and replay ANY DNA segment you wanted to, in this game you can only replay the side missions (Such as races, beat-ups, assassinations, and secret locations). The story was very awesome and did span for quite a bit longer of a time than ACI. In fact, playing ACII makes ACI feel like the beta testing for a game they were planning to make. I have to get Assassin's Creed Bloodlines for the PSP though, I just love that series and want to get the whole story from the games themselves.

Well, that's my long input today. Hope some of you are reading this and enjoying it, and then going out and playing some Modern Warfare 2 or joining me on GTA IV multiplayer!
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