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Random Characers and Some Diamonds (Spoilers)

online SaroenXposted 2942 Days Agoviews 519 Viewscomments 0 Comments
Well during my life in Liberty City today I decided to finish up with the remaining Random Characters I needed to get 100% and also to get the Achievement, forgot what it was called. Man it took forever! I had to search for Low Eddie for like an hour each time (Boy that guy was a fucking FREAK!!!!!!!!!). Lucky for me, the other random characters were a little easier to find, I'm not sure If I did the second mission for Jeff, but I have his phone number in his phone so I think I might have, but at least I did the first, which is all you need to do for the achievement. I also can't do the missions for Cherise and Clarence, because I killed them, but I heard that because you "met" them during the missions, that they still count for the achievement. I just finished the mission where you exchange the diamonds for Gracie (well, you wind up with jack shit sad.gif), so Now i can go find her and hopefully get the Achievement, Although I THINK I also need Ivan, but i'm not sure - I guess after I find Gracie I'll Find out. I'm finally getting close to the end of the game, which is all I'm after before I start The Lost and Damned, and I'll come back to get the rest of the 100% Later.

It seems like no one has been playing Multiplayer in GTA4 OR EFLC this weekend, and I think that may be due to the free weekend (2 days left!) of Modern Warfare 2 on Steam. Shit I just finished downloading it myself, and plan on giving it a whirl after I finish one more mission for the dude in the hospital.

Have a good day ya'll! Hopefully now a few of you who didn't know about the free weekend but have been dying to try Modern Warfare 2 will now get a chance to play!
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