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Hell of a Scare and the Death of a Douch!

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Well last night I had quite a scare, for some reason my Gmail account was disabled! When I tried to login it told me they needed to validate my account via a text message sent to a cell phone (after giving them a number the page would change to a page where you needed to enter a code they texted you to verify the account). Well, I don't currently have a cell phone, so I was SOL! Well, it was late, but I figured I'd try to see if one of my buddies was up, so I called him and thank god he was, I told him the situation, and asked if It was ok. Naturally (being my best friend) he said it was fine, so I inserted his # and told him to call me back when he got the text. The second I hit enter, he recieved the text, so before we hung up he said "The Number is #######", Damn that was fast! We then hung up. Well I entered the number, and guess what? IT DIDN'T WORK! Being as late as it was, I called him back and apologized for bothering him this late again and asked If i could try one more time, and as expected, it didn't work. I was so pissed I decided to go to bed early instead of playing another couple of online games of GTA IV. When I woke up this morning I tried again and luckily there was a new option, to phone my house and validate it from a code that way. I entered my phone number, hit enter, and my phone rang immediately. THANK GOD it worked this time! It turns out that they suspected my account was being tampered with, and forced me to change my password. When I finally logged in, I noticed an E-mail that I hadn't sent, so apparently they were right! I hope that was the only thing they were fucking with sad.gif

Anyway, to my grand theft auto life, Today I got up to the Mission Blood brothers, where I had to make a choice to kill that scumbag Francis or the junkie Derrick. Being a former junkie myself (9 months clean!), I couldn't bring myself to kill the guy just because Francis said druggies can't be trusted (Which in truth they can't, I hated some of the stuff I did while I was hooked and considered it the lowest part of my life) and that other shit he said. So while on the roof I called francis and had him up my fee, making him think I was carrying it through for him (I know it's a game, but I found it humorous for him to think he was safe because he was giving me more money) then I went ahead and shot the scumbag. Now I know I lost out on $20,000, and the ability to lose 3 wanted stars whenever I want, but money can be earned quite easily. And all I have to do is fuck Kiki after every 3 times I call her to clear a wanted level!

Well that's all for today, hoping to finish the story of GTA IV today so I can start TLaD, then i'll come back later and grab the rest of the achievements and 100% that bitch. Although it's quite hard to resist multiplayer in that game, I'm addicted to it!
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