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My experience thus far!

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Well I've been playing Grand theft Auto IV for about a week now, and started playing Multiplayer about two days ago. I've been making quite a lot of progress. Although for some reason I'm experiencing graphical Glitches (I used to have a pirated copy of the game and never had these problems, I'm a baddy!), that cause weird gray boxes, and cause the road texture to turn gray for a few seconds, then go away; quite strange isn't it? Well, back to Liberty City. I've managed to get the abilities from all my friends and girlfriends, but does anyone else find it hard to keep your friends at 100%? I Mean if you miss 1 phone call, or don't hang out with them for a little bit the like/respect goes down! Damn! as if i don't have better things to do then maintain their happiness! And then the women!!!! After you use their abilities a few times, they stop doing them for you unless you have sex with them again! Whoa they must be craving some Niko lovin huh wink.gif Well I've gotten pretty far in the game now, with my completion %age at 72 or something like that, and I've just started doing the Assassination missions. I've done two so far, so I'll keep you guys updated on how well that goes smile.gif Now about multiplayer, I've just reached Rank 4, so if anyone wants to play (I own the PC version by the way) multiplayer in either GTA IV or EFLC, send a message to Saroen420 (My Games for Windows (and Xbox, although that was stolen when my house was robbed sad.gif sad.gif ) live. Hope some of this interested at least someone!
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