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Third time's a charm? - Grand Theft Auto IV 100%

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So yeah this is my first blog post and I'm not writing it for no big reason just trying to get the website achievement. I've failed to complete GTA IV 100% a couple of times already when playing it with the PS3 and now I'm trying to complete again but using the 360-version this time. You can call this my diary of 100% completion if you want and I will update my status from now on then when I'm not too busy.

Anyway I've done all the sidemissions in Broker/Dukes/Bohan/; collected all the necessary pigeons, done the stuntjumps, vigilante-missions, most-wanted-missions, exotic exports, random peds and Little Jacob's drug deliveries. I've also taken care of the little stuff like gained 100% relationship statuses with Roman and Little Jacob. When playing the game I usually want to handle all the frienship things into top notch as soon as I can so I don't need to worry about them later. If I remember right you need to unlock Packie's, Jacob's and Brucie's special ability to gain the proper percentage.

As for the storymissions the last mission I beat was called the "Russian Revolution". It's the final mission in Broker and after that Roman and Niko will arrive to their new safehouse in Bohan. Haven't done any missions in Bohan yet. Hopefully the next time I'll write to this blog thingy I've reached the 100%.
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