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I'm getting tired of alot of people relating 'gaming' with a passtime for children only and that adults shuldn't play games. Adults who play games are lazy or have problems with growing up.

What alot of bullshit.

I'm 30 and I'll never stop playing games. It's the best form of entertainment to date.

Another thing that shits me up the wall is the constant relating violent games to violence in society.
This is so much bullshit you would need a thousand bulls to shit for one year and still not have an equakl ammount of bullshit that this statement alone makes.
There has and there always will be violence in society.
The only way I would blame a game for causing violent outbursts is when it's a shit game.
I hate shit games. Games that look good but have been rushed to meet a deadline. I could name a few games but I think you know the ones I'm talking about.
The ones that are made by a decent developer and have you thinking it's going to be an awesome game like thier last title and then it ends up shit.

Stupid buggy games that are patched after patched. This can't work.
If you hear of a game being delayed -good!-. That's good because then more work is being put into it and therefore it should be a better game then what it would have been if it had been rushed.
Don't rush games. People lose confidence not only in the game itself but the developer when a game has been rushed.

Now franchise games. These should never ever even come into existence yet we (as a whole, not just you and me) are plagued with inferior garbage simply because a few assholes want to make some money they lost on thier shit movie.
online Massacreactivity 3074 Days Ago
Don't worry, they'll stop blaming video games soon enough, once they find something else to blame for all the world's problems. First it was the Jews (for like, 5000 years), then it was comic books, then gangster rap, and now video games. My guess for the world's next scapegoat? Midgets.
online Ex-PS Fanboyactivity 3074 Days Ago
I was watching some show about Midgets the other day and the father got all pissed off that he couldn't find the remote, so he blamed his kid. I think you may be right...
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