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Thanks Playboy X!

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The title of my blog comes right from the mouth of Playboy X...on my third try of "Blowing Your Cover" (think that's the name) we managed to finally get out of the apartment and steal a black van. Thanks to my idiotic driving, that vehicle was upside down within 10 seconds and I was scrambling to grab something else. We ended up in some large ass red boat like car, with Playboy X running almost in slow motion across the street to dive in.

I was leading the cops on a merry chase when Playbox X yelled "Nico! Watch out for the Po Po!" Once I was done laughing, we were able to escape, but there's no way I can pass up the chance to immortalize that line.

That's about where my game is saved right now...just dropped Playbox X off at his pad and then went to play some pool with needy Roman. (he didn't care that I had to work today)

Hopefully I'll have many adventures of "running from the Po Po" to share.
online punxtractivity 3107 Days Ago
Glad you enjoyed Playboy X, I didn't like him at all. Or his "money."
online richtermactivity 3106 Days Ago
I'm sure he'll end up annoying the crap out of me, I just thought his one line was hilarious.
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