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Going to win me a Hummer H2....

online GTARulerposted 3363 Days Agoviews 705 Viewscomments 2 Comments
In the nest two hours for that Gamestop prizeattack thing for CoD MW2 I'll be puting my code in for that kick ass H2, god please let me WIN!!!!!! By the way this blog gets me my achievement WOOOO! biggrin.gif
online GTARuleractivity 3363 Days Ago
HEY! What the hell, what’s the big idea I blogged everyday straight for a week plus an extra day and still no achieve I smell something fishy...... huh.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 3363 Days Ago
we've been over this. it isn't just blog every day. you have to make them between 24-48 hours apart.
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