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Going to get 100% completion soon on BoGT!

online GTARulerposted 3426 Days Agoviews 1134 Viewscomments 4 Comments
Have been doing everything on BoGT I'm at 79.64% almost there.....
online ThomasHactivity 3426 Days Ago
Good stuff man.. smile.gif
How much hours did you spend?

I'm trying to get it to a 100% to this week, do you need to complete all missions to 100%?

Are you using any guide or something?
online Massacreactivity 3426 Days Ago
I'm at 78-point-something atm. I do believe you need 100% on all missions.
online Psyactivity 3426 Days Ago
I'm 99% sure you don't need 100% on any of the missions for 100% game completion. I've been tracking how much percentage you get for everything in game, and you get 60% for completing the story missions regardless. Each GTA4 game has had 60% for story missions, so there's no additional percentage to be gained. I could be wrong though...
online GTARuleractivity 3426 Days Ago
I finally got 100% I'll try to see if I can make a checklist it didn't take too long 32 hours 56 min, and that is with completing all missions 100% but you don’t need to get 100% on the missions for 100% completion. biggrin.gif
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