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Achievement Whores Unite

online DANNY B0Yposted 3073 Days Agoviews 577 Viewscomments 5 Comments
C'mon, all the Achievement Whores join together and flame the fuck out of anyone that takes the piss.
online Massacreactivity 3073 Days Ago
Fuck achievement whores.
online Ex-PS Fanboyactivity 3073 Days Ago
Even Analog?
online Massacreactivity 3073 Days Ago
Yes. I haven't heard from him in months. serial.gif
online TreeFittyactivity 3073 Days Ago
Dan Stephen still plays with mega blocks and shoves pencils down his urethra in an attempt to say he got an erection although using that fact to impress other 13 year old girls (who at this point in the pubescent age are more manly than him) doesn't matter because as far as he knows even condoms cannot prevent the worst STD you can get: Cooties.

A week ago he was amazed when he began furiously scratching his abdomen only to find that after a few days little black spots were forming where hair is beginning to grow. He was so happy he began scratching his face and chest with the excitement that he could be the second person in his class to have pubic proof of his manhood (second only to his arch nemesis Billy Johnson who grew a partial dirt stash over the summer. that bastard gets all the ladies!!!).

Only last year him and Billy were involved in an epic battle of wits and brute strength as they fought for the love of Sarah Brinbarg in a game of Pokemon. The battle drew crowds of kids from all over the playground during period 4 recess. It was near the end of the battle and both boys were tied up into the last round. Dan had a level 12 Charmander and all Billy had left was a level 1 Rattata with Focus Sash. Dan thought he had it in the bag as Sarah looked on with a big smile. Dan attacked as the HP from Billy's Rattata drained to 1 HP but no more thanks to the sash. But then Billy commanded his to use Endeavor which switched the health of both Pokemon. As Dan looked on with disbelief, Billy commanded a quick attack which took the remaining HP from the Charmander. The battle had been won. Sarah cheered and hugged Billy. Her Hello Kitty keychain gleaming in the sun light; rays hitting Dan like a slap across his face. Feelings of disgust filled Dan.

Thankfully their relationship only lasted a week. She then went on to date 5 other boys for a week's time each. That whore. Probably gave them all cooties. Sometimes the loser wins in the end.

No one said the life of a kid was easy. Always drama from bitches and homework. Parents think we got it easy, but what do they know? They're old and can't relate. That pimp Aaron Carter said it best: Parent's just don't understand. Now Dan must be excused. Mum says it's pizza night. Yum yum!

flame like that?
online Ex-PS Fanboyactivity 3073 Days Ago
Speaking of that... Where is Analog?
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