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Ah hell NO!

online Handsome B Wonderfulposted 3152 Days Agoviews 552 Viewscomments 3 Comments
I had to delete a blog post i made 30 minutes ago because it was less than 24 hours after the one before it, and today was my last day to go before i get the blog achievement. I hope i still get it. Bloody thing said i posted at 1:28 when i actually posted at 2:28. Whatever. Serves me right.

Anyway, i had some cool stuff about the remastering of Disintergration and an Indian guy sueing Lynx because their deoderant didn't get him a girlfriend. But that will have to wait.

online TreeFittyactivity 3152 Days Ago
daylight savings nigguhhh
online Handsome B Wonderfulactivity 3151 Days Ago
Don't have DLS here, dawg.
online TreeFittyactivity 3151 Days Ago
last i knew this site was hosted in America fam (1).gif
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