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I'm Slightly Dyslexic Today

online deadposted 2873 Days Agoviews 728 Viewscomments 2 Comments
I've just spent 4 hours on a scale drawing and when I finished it I realised I'd been measuring the job as 24.5mm to an inch instead of 25.4mm.

*Massive headslap to self* rolleyes.gif

EDIT: Started over again and now I can't remember how to find the volume of a cylinder. I think it's Pye r squared divided by height......... unsure.gif (the fuck is wrong with me today?)
online DiOactivity 2873 Days Ago
Dam man. That's fucking rough.
online ViceManactivity 2871 Days Ago
Would've been funnier if you'd put:

"Ime slytlee disslecksik taday."

Actually, maybe not.
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