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Virgin Media can kiss my anal star.

online DuPz0rposted 3132 Days Agoviews 927 Viewscomments 2 Comments
I've always had a shit deal when it comes to Virgin Media's internet package. First of all i was told i could get this wonderful FO connection. So i was like hell yeah 50MBS! when the engineer turned up i couldn't get it in my area. So i had to ring BT and get a shit DSL line so Virgin could set it up. I was paying around £12 a month for "upto" 8mbs, which i thought was a good deal at the time. But i realized i was rarley getting more than 4mbs. This last week i went to speedtest.net to find out what I'm actually getting because it has seemed painfully slow. The results were: Download speed: 0.290kbs Upload speed: 0.410kbs Ping:792!

This is FUCKING outrageous! i'm going to spend half of today ranting to them over the phone. Wish me luck!
online Psyactivity 3132 Days Ago
I couldn't survive on anything less than 20 MB tongue.gif
online The Awesome Oneactivity 3132 Days Ago
Ive got V+.I dont really have a problem with them, apart from the fact that they bill dead people.
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