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online DuPz0rposted 3186 Days Agoviews 528 Viewscomments 1 Comments
* This is an automated message brought to you by DuPz0r. Whilst this is being posted, i will be on London's dreadful public transport commuting to Uni. I am having a wonderful morning sitting on the tube smelling the body odour of the thousands of bodies that leave their stench. I am reading the metro whilst i have a fat sweaty bloke beside me drinking a coffee and eating a toasted sandwich from Costa, spilling crumbs off of his mouth to my leather jacket. The women in-front of me sneezes and looks at me with an absent glare rubbing the snot from her red nose with her over-used rag.*

That's all for today. Special thanks to my Fiance for the copy/paste of this to the website.
online Psyactivity 3186 Days Ago
Watch out for the bombers.
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